Nobody – The Turnaround – How to Complete Story Mode with 5 Stars

Guide to Complete Story Mode with 5 Stars

Story Mode Walkthrough

So you just starting a game, i recommend you to play Newcomer difficulty.

Your choices with your sister doesn’t matter that much so first thing you pick:

  1. Healthy as horse – increace your Tough exp.
  2. Outsmarting everyone – Increace your Smart exp.

Next are:

  1. Superhuman bread earner – Increace your Deft exp.
  2. Increace your – Keen exp.

So i recommend to pick 1 choice for both.

  1. Take good care about myself – chance of getting injure -10%.
  2. Be nice to people – ?
  3. Keep up good work – better wage.

Those 3 choices are don’t really matter.

So next step you’re gonna meet land lady, so take room for free.

Next you go north and pass the exam (or fail it, it doesn’t matter in this mode).

So you are friend now with the Broker Auntie and she is you best friend in the storymode.

You have to finish your brick mover job and end this day to enter freeplay.

First advice to go north and at the tool shop buy yourself a Hard Hat which save you a lot of money preventing injury. If later on in game you will get sick or taking an injury i recommend to visit a doctor ASAP which is a bit right of youre housing.

So you keep working as brick mover until your make requirmets:

  1. Work of total 3 days.
  2. Make a total of 300Y.

Then you can upgade your level and have acces to new jobs.

So for the jobs. The Broker Auntie will give you some incredible work places, so you definetly should saving up points to keep her jobs and get huge bonuses.

If she’s not giving you a job you should totally check your phone (O button->Hiring app) every mornong if it is a bonus job.

After 21:00 there are night jobs which you definetly have to check on your phone.

If you go to bed untill 21:00 you”ll get a bonus to your next job XP level and cool.

If you’re struggle with Cool, which i bet you are, you should click on your mood icon

Then you can see 2 activities for today, if you star them you increace your mood by 30, and you could not finish them if your want. Most of the time 1 activity wth +30 is enough.

So now you keep up with Broker Auntie and sometimes takin jobs from your phone. Fro all jobs you have a realtions meter, if it hits 60, you can go to this workplace (press M->top left Job Sites) and now you can go directly to a job site and you don’t have to pay broker fee,

Also if you work manually you should aim for high bonus like 110+ and then you can do this job automatic mode if you want with the same income.

One day she will give you a quest to work 3 days straight on iventary sorting, so i definetly recommend to buy a Lucky Stone from the tool shop and keep up with this job, so you will be getting more XP on it and more wage and also some occational +500 bonuses. So if there is no job from an Auntie and no job from your Hiring App you should go fo Inventary sorting.

It looks good now but you don’t have enough money yet and you scared, i know that feeling. There are 2 things wchat saves you^ recycling and peddling.

You may clear the river if you want but it helps to get the bike.

So now you can fast travel to recycler. While you’re wandering you will find some trash, so you will pick it up and when you sell it to recycler. As far as i know you should sell him trash for more than 5Y worth so you will get +5 relations. Once you get 50 relations he will offer you collect recyclables from some spots. Best spots are Disco Joint and the Mall, you can get a lot of cans and bottels and with your Smart skill you can huggle more so this will give you a fortune.

Someday like 10 or 11 your sister will visit you and she will unlock a peddler skill for you. With your peddler skill you have wait till the historic center will be open and you be able to buy flowers. Depend on how much money you get, you buy flowers, i recommend each of 1. So you head east and peddle there.

The demand will decreace every day you trade there, also your profit depends on your respect, which you can increace by police station doing volontary work, and i recommend you do it untill your respect reahch 90+. And your profit depends on your Saplesman skill which you could invest your skill points, but it’s not necessary at all.

And you can also buy some stuff from Dbay and sell it:

  1. Park – Music Top, Dinosaur, 3D Racecar.
  2. Prestige – Cloth Wipe, Sponge Wipe, Paper Towel.
  3. Disco Joint – Glow Glasses, Glow Bracelet, Hand Fan.
  4. Rain good – if the weather is rainy enyday (i won’t recommend).
  5. Market spot between kwbab and Bookworm – you can sell anything but less.

Also my advice for later game, don’t go higher than Upstart, it get you more cons than pros in Storymode.

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