Industry Idle – Guide to 100 Swiss Fast

This help is only relevant if you have an unlimited account, and you have full access to the player market (you can check in HQ in the verification section, the main thing that all the checkboxes are green).

First 100 Swiss Fast


You’ve just started, and you don’t know what to do?

  1. You start in Oslo, on a map where there is a lot of oil. So we will produce plastic and petrol, because it is very expensive (about 10K per unit) in the players market.
  2. Start building mines for oil, as well as refineries.
  3. Go to the players market. You can immediately filter out only plastic and petrol, to be more comfortable. And sell at the highest price. Keep in mind, you can only sell what you produced for this market reset (every two hours. Timer in the trade center). Otherwise, the further you deviate from your original local price, the higher the tax will be.
  4. To get 100 swiss, you need a capitalization of +-1T (Depends on the stock rating, which is random). You can get it in about 1-2 hours, depends on your efficiency.
  5. After you reset your city, buy a production multiplier for 100 swiss (not to be confused with boost!)

This will speed up your production by double.


Change the fuel from batteries to something cheaper, like natural gas or petrol. You can do this in the logistics department.

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