No Rest for the Wicked – Starter Tips

Here you can find some random tips for newcomers in the No Rest for the Wicked game.

Tips for Newbies

Farm all the pine wood and copper ore you can in the beginning by the Shallows. Save every piece of clay, do not turn it in for daily rewards, it’s very difficult to come by in the beginning.

Testing out everything you can do with a weapon is almost crucial. I swapped the daggers out for the hunter’s axe just before Warrick and even though using the axe makes you really (and i mean REALLY vulnerable), using running and rolling attacks changes everything. About the same swing speed as a longsword.

Best part is the hit and run tactic isnt that much different than the daggers, but now i have a ranged option and better damage on hit.

Highly recommend getting a level 1 mesh chest piece, upgrade the heck out of it, and save it for the next character you want to level. I got lucky with my feather affix that reduced weight by 30%, so as soon as my new character got to Sacrament I equipped that and was easily able to tank most enemies my level. I ended up going into my higher level characters realm to gain XP quicker!

Also I love the moveset on the craftable staff “Sphieren” from the enchantress. Its ice abilities are powerful, then if you affix it with cold and upgrade it, it absolutely melts stuff.

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