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After having a bit of trouble with unclear hints I thought it fitting to make a full comprehensive walkthrough of the game.

This includes:

  • Puzzles (both a hint and full solution).
  • Directions in puzzle rooms are from the point of view from when you first enter.
  • The steps taken between puzzles.

Any books and outfits will be pointed out like this as we go along.

Start: Portal and Stone Guard

After walking into the first room and talking to sebastian, you are tasked with repairing a portal.

There are two pieces: A ring and a statue. Use telekenesis to fit the two pieces into place then select and rotate the ring piece until it is lined up

After walking through the portal you are met with a door that tells you it can only let you through once you restore it’s eyesight.


  • If you find one you can deduce where the other might be.


  • One is on the ground in one room and the other is suspended on a pillar in the other room and should glow green

With an eye in your inventory walk up to the door and interact with the eye socket and you should slot it in.

Walk to the room past the summoning circle and on the table to your left you will find a book. Interact with it, go back to the summoning circle and draw the sigil in the circle (you should see it when pressing Q). Then interact with Orthon (That’s his name).

Walk back to the room where you found the first book and on the far right table you should find a second book. Now we need to go back to the first room and talk to sebastian again.

Our new objective is to locate three Red Glowing crystals and place them around the summoning circle. Go back to the room with the summoning circle and the door on the left side should be open.

Puzzle #1: Mirror Room

In this room you need to reflect light onto a frozen door.


  • Some of the pieces of the mechanism seem to be broken or missing.


  • On the left side of the room there is a replacement prism for the center of the room
  • On the far right corner there are lenses for the missing spot on the left side of the room
  • Use telekenesis to move all pieces into place

The room you enter next has a red crystal on the right side table.

On the same table there is also a book.

Go through the portal in front of you and put the first crystal in the summoning circle. Then go back through the same portal and enter the door to your left.

Puzzle #2: Fire and Ice

In this room there is a large fire and your the right there is a large freezer with one of the doors open.


  • Maybe there is something in the freezer you can melt?


  • There is a key frozen in a block of ice
  • Use telekenesis to put the block on the fire and retrieve the key

With this you can unlock the rest of the freezer doors.

There is a outfit on the second level of the pillar with the open door.


  • Maybe there is a way to put out this fire?


  • Use the large block of ice to put out the fire.

Now go down the elevator. In this room there is a red crystal on the left side of the door.

There is also a book on the round table next to the teleporter.

Grab both and continue into the next room… Then you are faced with three gates you need to open at the same time.


  • Flip the middle and right side levers.

Next search through the crates until you find what you are looking for. There is nothing else for you here. Go through the teleporter and install the second crystal at the summoning circle.

You can now open the second door in this room.

Puzzle #3: Archive Door

When you first enter this room there is a book on the table to your left.

There is a large stack of books on the left side of the large puzzle door, interact with them.

We need to talk to sebastian again, go back to the starting room and talk to him. Now walk back to the puzzle room.

We now have access to several hints to place the tablets in the correct place. (Be sure to read all of them).


  • It appears we are missing a tablet maybe it is hidden somewhere around the room?


  • The order (Clockwise starting from bottom left) is.
  • Tree, Sun, Star, Moon, Skull.

In the next room there is a book laying on the table.

Our last red crystal is also found in this room. Go back to the summoning circle and install the final crystal. Now summon Orthon again and interact with him.

We can now open a new door in the starting room. It can be a little hard to spot but it is next to the mirror. Now go through the following portal.

Puzzle #4: Banners

This room has 5 banners and 5 statues. We need to take a statue and then interact with the corresponding banner. (To my knowledge failing does not change the solution).


  • The banners appear to be missing something.


  • Two elves – Double snakes statue
  • Swords – Raven statue
  • Hand above head – Sword statue
  • Throne – Moon statue
  • Lantern – Star

In the next puzzle you are supposed to turn off all the lights of the pentagram.


  • Step on any of the lights.
  • Step on one of the spots that you just turned off.
  • Step on the middle light that is on.
  • Step on one of the spots connected to the one that is off.
  • Step on the spot that is connected to both other lights.

Step onto the middle of the platform and take the elevator down. You will find a room with another summoning circle and a book with the next summon on the round table next to it.

You can now open one of the doors.

Puzzle #5: Dragon Room and Pipe Room

In this room you will find a dragon statue and three pedestals behind a force field, as well as two doors with glowing blue sigils on them.


  • Is there a way to get to get to the source of the forcefield?


  • At the end of one of the corridors there is a light that is green instead of blue, interact with it.

Go down the newly revealed stairs and you will be met with another puzzle.


  • There don’t seem to be enough valves to turn the force field off completely.


  • Maybe there is something I can use to block the gears?


  • In the other corridor thwere is a vase with a bunch of staves inside.
  • Grab one and use it to block the gears.

Now you need to reassemble the statue on the other pedestals to open the doors.


  • Build bottom up.
  • Start with getting the base where it needs to go, then the next part and then the next.
  • (Remember you can use all three pedestals to move stuff around).

In the left side room you can find a book on the table and the last outfit tucked away on a small table behind some boxes

In the right side room you can find a book on the table and one on the lectern

We need to talk to sebastian again. Use the teleporter to go back to the new summoning room and take the elevator back up. Then talk to sebastian.

(Note that sebastian asks us for 3 herbs, these are currently not in the game).

Go back to the dragon room using the elevator and teleporter. You can now open the door in this room.

Puzzle #6: Planetarium

In this puzzle you will need to open several teleporters. You can use telekenesis to move the planets. (The selected planet will shine onto the floor so you can see where it is).


  • Several planets seem to be missing, what patterns can I make?


  • Make the wolf.

Enter the teleporter that opens.

The next room is a simple flow puzzle. Get the glowy stuff to all the blue crystals and grab the planet. Insert the planet into the center of the planetarium.


  • Planets on some of the patterns seem to not be in the right spot.


  • Make the boat.

This puzzle is the same concept as before, just work backwards so you don’t accidentally connect to the red tiles. Grab the planet and insert it into the planetarium.


  • Make the snake.

Enter the teleporter and grab the last book from the table

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