NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Strategy for Farming Collections

Showdown Guide: Strategy for Farming Collections

(Optional) Disable Fatigue.

Enter Stage 1 – Trios

  • If you have any boosters active, don’t leave the run early.

Clear Zones 1 – 4

  • Abandon any Souljades/Anima Rings you get except for:
    • Anima Rings you’re looking for.
    • Showdown Smuggler.
    • Special Deal.
    • Any Anima Ring giving Dark Tide Coins.
  • If you fail to acquire Showdown Smuggler or Special Deal by Zone 4, leave the run.
  • If you get Showdown Smuggler, do not claim it.

Clear Zones 5 – 8

  • If you have Showdown Smuggler, skip the shop on Zone 9.
  • Activate Showdown Smuggler when you reach 100,000 Dark Tide Coins.
    • Aim to get Special Deal ASAP.
    • Abandon everything except for Anima Rings you’re looking for.
    • Profit.

Clear Zone 10 – 13

  • Spend your remaining coins in the shop in Zone 14.
  • Leave the run.
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