No Plan B – Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Tactic tips

  • For safety, stick together as a team. No one goes solo into rooms. And if someone has to, never show your back to the door.
  • After clearing a room, watch out for new threats. Stay sharp and use grenades wisely to keep enemies on their toes.
  • Assign roles based on skills and room size. Use shotguns for tight spaces and rifles for larger areas. Plan for the worst and be ready for surprises.

General tips

  • If possible, never under any circumstances have a team member clear a room alone.
  • If someone absolutely has to clear a room alone, make sure they never have their back to a doorway.
  • If you’ve cleared a room, make sure you’re watching the doorways.
  • Grenades are your friend, use them.
  • Don’t have shotgunners breach big rooms and have riflers breach small ones.
  • Murphy’s Law always applies. Plan every room around the worst case scenario.
  • Timers are longer than you think, you don’t need to rush. Move your team slowly and carefully. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
  • Never have two tem members facing the same way, everyone should always have their own sector to cover.
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