Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition – How to Claim Time Limited DLC (Cat Ears etc)

How to unlock 2 extra armor sets previously made available for only a limited time.

Guide to Claim Time Limited DLC


These 2 extra armor sets were made available for only 3 weeks back in 2021, but you can still grab them by jumping through some hoops.

Ornate Gold Armor and Sohaya Deserter Garb


  • Completely close the Steam client by clicking the Steam icon in the top left corner and choosing “Exit”.
  • Disable your internet connection. Turn off your router or just pull out the cable.
  • Change the system date to February 12, 2001 by right-clicking on the system clock in the bottom-right corner and choosing “adjust date/time”.
  • Start Steam and launch Nioh 2.
  • Claim the DLC items from the “Boons” tab at any shrine.
  • Now you can exit the game, turn your Internet back on and change the date back.

Both armor sets are only level 1 but now you can refashion any piece of gear in the game to look like them.

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