Mortal Kombat 1 – How to Beat Seasonal Tower (Very Easy)

How you can easily beat seemingly impossible seasonal tower in MK1.

Guide to Beat Seasonal Tower


Step 1

After clearing every invasion map and node, obtaining nether stone going back and gaining more loot, you are bound to have the windbreaker in your inventory.

Step 2

Go into Shang Tsungs Laboratory mesa, teleport to shop and buy “Ethereal talisman” from him.

Step 3

Equip the windbreaker, activate the ethereal talisman.

Tower Gameplay

Normal Battles

You don’t need to change any of your stats, auto-leveling does a good enough job.

Just spam your amulet until your opponent is dead.

Survive (S)

You don’t need to worry about “survive” stages at all since the damage is barely noticeable.

Endurance (E)

In 1 v 5 matches you can only use your amulet on one opponent, after that it doesn’t work for some reason so keep that in mind. Nothing to worry about since timer and HP resets after you beat one opponent and they’re relatively easy.

Test Your Might (Tym)

Now this is something you need to worry about. TYM of this tower has a very small window and if you miss it once its all over, you have to restart the entire tower. You have around 25 seconds so make sure you take your time and aim with precision. Good luck.


Rewards are new pallets that are similar to the expensive (4000-6000 seasonal kredit) skins.

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