Necesse – New Players Tips

Tips for Newbies

General in Short

  1. Get wood from trees & stone from the cave.
  2. Go to workstation in the elders house, craft a couple forges.
  3. Get some Iron from mining the cave, place it in the forges along with wood in the fuel slots.
  4. Use iron to build an anvil.
  5. Smelt all your ore and broken weapons in the forges.
  6. Craft the best gear you can get.
  7. Make sure to save all gold bars to make a weapon, then armor for yourself. You are now good to go.
  8. If you get a good weapon from a chest, you can probably skip using gold bars for that.

Other Tips

Doing some boating to neighboring settlements can yield you all the workstations for free, and each island typically has a surface ruin that has some loot… usually a trinket or weapon in there. some people consider stealing the village workstations a sort of cheat, as it negates resource costs, and speeds up progression a fair bit. On that particular note, can use a random settlement to help defeat bosses, just be mindful that if you accidentally hit a villager, they will attack back.

Torches prevent spawn, similar to minecraft. This can actually hinder progress sometimes, as an example, farming bat wings. A well lit area isnt always the best thing.

On desert islands, there are ostriches that roam around. Killing one can be a bit tough, as they are fairly nimble, but they can drop a mount item. Its a great early game land mount that makes boss fights easier.

Most players would disagree, but bombs arent exactly common, at least not til you unlock the pirate merchant. I usually save these for clearing out an arena area, and the occasional large vein of ore. Use sparingly.

As a new player, you may not know that progression is paced by your exploration. The biomes technically have an order intended to be experienced in. But youre not restricted to this order. Just know that ores can be mined by the previous tier pickaxe, and bombs are two tiers in advance.

In order for villagers to eat, youll have to have a chest added to the settlement. This isnt just placing down a chest. Youll need to open the chest up, and click the green house icon in the top right corner.

Just know that villagers are awesome. Creating a work zone for forestry allows you to have villagers cut trees for you. Play around with work zones, and work priorities will tell you who can do what, as each type of villager have restrictions on what they can and cant do.

My final tip is try to keep your villagers geared in relation to your quest progression. As you progress your quest line, the raid difficulty will increase. Keeping your villagers well geared will help prevent casualties. The villagers are strongest as a single unit, and not commanding them to a defense spot can allow a few raiders to gang up on a single villager, resulting in another gravestone for the cemetery.

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