My Summer Car – Recommendation for Rally

Want to go rallying? Well this guide is for you (100% guaranteed you will lose or end up in a ditch)!

Rally Tips

Preparation for Your Satsuma

Now the first thing you wanna do is get money here are some recommended job’s:

  1. Sell kilju (You gotta spend money to get money).
  2. Poop Job’s (Removing Poop From Manhole’s payout 1,000 Mk).
  3. Moving all haybale’s (this is the hardest job ever but good payment).
  4. Firewood Job (Being canadian in finland is something).

Now in some reason you need 21.297 to be exact so i recommend to make about 25 thousand markk.

Yeah rallying is hard.

The Part’s to Buy and Install

Now that you have 25 thousand markk’s you need some parts and installments:

  • Catalog purchase’s.
  • Racing Radiator.
  • Racing Seat and Harness (Racing Version of Seatbelt).
  • Twin Carbureator’s.
  • Extra Gauge.
  • Prostate Steering Wheel.
  • Racing Flywheel.
  • New Rim’s.

These part’s are what you need for rallying or racing so after teimo call’s you after make fleetari.

Install deez nuts ha gottem

  • Rally Tire’s.
  • Engine Tuning.
  • Roll cage.

After installing and fleetari’s upgrade’s you should be good to go but…

Thing to Bring While Rallying

Hold on you dont go to rally without deez nut’s ha gottem 2 time’s.

5 Carton Milk. Now you have two choice’s go rally with beer and be a true finnish or be a safe finnish and drink milk.

Extra Charged Battery (You might run out of battery in mid race so yeah).

Spanner or Ratchet set

Coolant/Motor Oil/Brake fluid and gas you might run out of deez nut’s ha gottem 3 time’s so i recommend to top off all fluid’s before starting.

Digging bar because your wheel might not aligned to bring deez nut’s ha gottem 4 time’s so bring it.

So now your ready to die!

Jan Bonkoski
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