The Planet Crafter – All Random Landing Sites

Random landing sites coordinates in Patch 0.6.008.

List of Landing Sites Coordinates

Currently, there are 11 landing sites available when you choose random landing site.

  1. Starting Valley (same as standard).
  2. Meteor Crater (same as meteor crater).
  3. Sand Falls (same as sand falls).
  4. Aluminius Hills (998,47/1253,135).
  5. Arches (641,2244).
  6. Cracked Spires (482,-167).
  7. Dune Desert (1541,1055/1263, 1839).
  8. The Grand Rift (1795,232).*
  9. Iridium Mine (817,1048).

*The coordinates of the Grand Rift landing site are not the same in selected and random mode, random one is southwest of the selected.

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