Muck – Survival Guide (Day 1-6)


Hello fellow person who reads this. This is a guide on how to survive on Muck, a solo/multiplayer survival game.

Day 1: On day one you want to find a rock and chop down a tree as fast as you can. Cut down 3 to 4 trees then craft a workbench. This will be used to craft a wooden pickaxe and axe. You need bark before you can craft them though. It only takes 5 wood to craft 5 bark and you only need 5. Once you have these items you are going to want to find iron and birch trees to get steel items. It might be becoming night time now. To defend yourself against the dinosaur looking guys, hit them once and then they will run away for a few seconds then come back. Just hit them again and they will do the same thing. On the third hit it should be dead.

Day 2: What you are gonna need to do on day two is find iron and birch trees as fast as possible. You cannot waste any time. Iron is the black ore. Once you have mined 3 or 4 things of iron and chopped down 3 to 4 birch trees, you will need to get stone. You need 15 stone to craft a furnace and an additional 15 stone to make an anvil after you have got 5 iron ingots that you make in a furnace. (TIP: Yellow and red shrooms are the best. Yellow are a good food source and the red ones heal you.) When you make the iron ingots in the furnace, you will want to craft an anvil. After you have done that, ONLY make and axe and pickaxe. Worry about a sword and armor later. You will also need more bark to craft the iron tools. Like before it’s only 10 bark. By this time it is night 3. Goblins will spawn on this night as well as the dinosaur things. With goblins you want to dodge and weave while also in range of hitting them. They can also throw bones at you so to dodge them either move to the side or jump.

Day 3: Straight away you need to be looking for the blue ore, mithril, and fir trees, on day three. You will need to mine 3 to 4 things of mithril and chop down 3 to 4 fir trees, just like before with everything else. (TIP: Chest with black around them are free chests. They don’t cost any gold to open and they give you a power up like every chest. The least expensive chest is the chest with the bronze around it, only costing 25 gold which is pretty easy to come by. The blue chests give you better power ups and the gold chests always give you legendary power ups which are very useful.) Once you have all of the fir wood and mithril you will need to smelt the mithril in the furnace you made and then get mithril ingots. Once you have the mithril ingots craft a mithril axe and pickaxe. You can make a sword if you want, but you might need to get more wood or more mithril ore. Now it is night time. On night three, golems spawn. They are heavy hitters so you want to dodge their rock throws by moving to the side of jumping. An easier way to kill them is to get on their backs and start hitting them with your axe. There is at lease 2 golems that spawn that night so you need to watch out for the second one, too. If you get too low, eat red shrooms or eat some kind of food like the apples that spawn on the ground. (TIP: There are huts that spawn randomly in your island. They have resources in them for what their names are like a jack hut has wood in it along with food and gold and chefs huts have really good food and gold in it.)

Day 4: On day four you need to find Adamantite, a green ore, along with oak trees which have red leaves. This time you need to mine around 5 to 7 adamantite and 4 to 5 oak trees. You need so much adamantite because this is when you make armor. Really you don’t need new tools since you can get the best ore that you can mine. Yes there is a better ore than adamantite. When you have at least a stack of adamantite, you are obviously going to need to smelt it in your furnace. Once you have made the ingots, you can either make the tools and the other stuff or you can just make a sword and the armor. The armor costs 40 adamantite ingots for a full set and the sword only costs 5 and 10 oak wood. You don’t need bark for swords or any other weapons. When it is night time, it should be alright while fighting enemies. You probably shouldn’t rush in unless you have like 600 health. (TIP: you can get health by certain power ups like blue pill, red pill, and dracula which gives you health for every mob you kill.) This night will include more ranged enemies that do kinda a lot of damage but you can dodge their attacks pretty easily.

Day 5: On this day you can kinda relax and prepare for the boss battle on day six. What you are gonna need to do is, if you haven’t spent your coins on chests already, unlock chests and get power ups. These will come in handy in the boss battle in some way. I would go for the bronze chests and a couple blue chests. Really depends on how many coins you have. At night time, there is still going to be the same mobs as before. (TIP: The enemies that look bigger than normal and have a skull above their health are what I call legendary enemies. They don’t drop anything special but they have more health and they do more damage.)

Day 6: Keep preparing for the boss fight by opening chests. If you want you can make a fletcher table with 10 flint and 25 birch wood. You can get an oak bow which is the strongest bow and make adamantite arrows if you have ingots left over. You make 2 arrows per craft. If you ever run out of coins then find these pillars with the 3 squares on each side. They will spawn 3 legendary enemies of the same kind. you get gold for killing them and get a power up for beating all 3 of them. At night time is when the boss fight happens. Do not panick. His attacks are very easy to dodge. When he stomps he will send 3 rocks in your direction. Just jump over them at the right time and you will be fine. Once you get close go under his legs and start hitting both of them at the same time for maximum damage. If he is getting ready to stomp, which is when he jumps, then get away from him and get ready to jump over the rocks. If he is giant club hand then get away from the front and go to the back of his legs and keep hitting them. You will kill him pretty fast if you are hitting him constantly. When he is dead he has a chance to drop chunkium ore. This can be used to make different armor that is useless because it is worth the same armor as adamantite armor or it can be used to make a hammer that may take until day 12 or something to get because you need something called a hammer shaft which drops for Big Chunk, the boss. It is better than the adamantite sword.

This was the end of this guide. I hope you learned how to survive a little bit. Good luck!

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