Muck – How to Build a Secure / Flying Base

How to make a base in Muck that enemies can’t attack (mostly).


  • Lots of wood for building.
  • Lots of jetpacks for high jump height.
  • Lots of Frog powerup for many jumps.

The Step by Step Process

  1. Build a ramp to go upward using stairs or roof.
  2. Place crafting table high up.
  3. Break bottom of ramp.
  4. Jump onto crafting table place platform, then build freely on your floating platform.

Additional Notes

  • Bases made in the sky not connected to the ground in this way are safe from all mobs except the flying mobs.
  • If a single thing is broken with an Axe everything will be destroyed that is connected.
  • Flying mobs usually don’t do any damage to structures but if they do they are the only threat to a base.
  • If you have the lightning powerup, if you kill a flying mob to close to the base it could proc and destroy everything.
  • Most of those issues don’t occur as long as you are careful. however if you make a mistake in building, you will have to deal with it as you can’t remove it otherwise as said before, it would destroy everything.
  • I just wanted showcase my builds so I made a guide lmao.

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