Mortal Shell – How to Beat Hadern (Axatana) / Easy Way

No skills required.

The Tech

Step 1:

Equip Myter’s blade. It is faster if you have it upgraded but I did it without- It just takes longer. Tial is recommended as you should not be getting hit and the stamina is useful. If you have Harros upgraded he should work too.

Step 2:

Interact with Hadern in Fallgrim tower (once all other weapons have been acquired)

Step 3:


Step 4:

When both you and he are out of range, start a light attack with the Myter’s blade. it takes so long to wind up that he will just run into it. Then run away again and repeat, never getting close enough to let the ♥ frame one katana attack take half your health.

Optionally also use the running heavy and freeze midway, let him hit you then hit him. A bad idea in NG+ though because you still take damage.


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