Mimic Logic – How to Obtain Robber Achievement

To unlock this achievement you’ll need to score 7000+ points in robber dungeon.

Robber Achievement Tips

Scoring Tips

According to Kyper’s scoring guide, Robbers level 3 has 70 treasures, and level 4 has 80 treasures. Even though they’re not that different in difficulty, level 4 will give you a better score.

To hit a score of 7000+ with 70 chests, you gotta clock in at 13 minutes and 30 seconds or faster. With 80 chests, aim for 18 minutes or faster.


Treat it like a 2-mimic puzzle, but whenever you confirm a chest is not a mimic, pop it open right away. The 100 gold deduction for robbers ain’t much, and you’ll still have enough loot for candy and potions to ace the run.

So, score-wise, it’s smarter to crack open the robber chest if you’re unsure where it is. It can either help you solve the puzzle or speed up your run if you already know the mimic locations.

Combat Tips

I’ve been balancing my stats and aiming for just enough attack to 2-hit enemies. It’s safer and more consistent. The less time you spend patching yourself up, the quicker you can blaze through.

If your damage is on the low side, consider snagging a wind scroll to give your hits some extra oomph.

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