Midnight Ghost Hunt – Weapons Tips

Gameplay Tips for Weapons


Frostbite, high dps, but freeze takes a while to take effect and you need to hit them with a few shots before you’ll actually do damage. Kinda okay after midnight if people are coordinated but would not use otherwise, unless you’re after the title or a challenge.


Flamethrower, or ad I call it, better frostbite. Great for sweeping rooms and blocking off exits. Not the highest damage but it’s usefulness for searching and it setting the ghost on fire(alerting other players to the ghost location, makes it my personal favorite. Weakness, not good for wide open maps like Theater, Graveyard, or Ghostship. Great for smaller maps though.

Also, those two weapons cancel each other out.


Then we have Shotgun, easily the best weapon in the game, especially if you’re running overkill with sledge. It’s got great spread, mid range, great for searching, deactivating ambushes, defending, and offense. Lacks long distance but you won’t really need it with this weaapon.


Reaper, hard to aim but devastating if you can aim. In addition to dealing damage, it attaches a tracker to the ghost that explodes after a couple seconds. Truffle’s favorite weapon, and for good reason. By the way, if you see Truffle and/or Taro, good luck, you’ll need it.

Spectral Canon

Spectral Canon. Good Damage, good splash damage, good for searching with that splash damage and is best combined with extended Ammo. No major drawbacks or standout features otherwise.

Project X

Project X, mixed usefulness. Benefits, you don’t need to worry about reloading, you can apply pressure from really far away, such as a high spot, best DPS damage. Downside, you move slower with it so pairing it with Quick Step is good if you need to move but other options work as well.


Harpoon. This one is incredibly hard to use by yourself. Only does five damage per second it holds, and drops when you get hit. However, if two or more of you use this weapon it’s incredibly devastating to ghost that like to run. Weak by itself, strong as fuck with others.


Ghostsmasher, has a nice shield to block from hits/objects/miasma. Combine with traps or Shotgun before midnight, juggernaut and healthkit after.


Sledgehammer. By itself, it isn’t super great. A full charge will break any possessed object in one hit. Combine with Shotgun/Overkill for the deadliest combo in the game. It’s usefulness is increased in small maps like Mall and Mansion, where just breaking every object is a valid strategy.

Riot Shield

Riot Shield, not great for before midnight. Most players use it after midnight to either hide, protect themselves, or they bash them to stun them in order to provide a window to run. Almost always paired with grappling hook and people either use Quick Step if they’re running, or cold blooded if they’re hiding. If they’re using cold blooded, it can be countered by equipping perception at a shrine and sleeping corners/looking high up.


C4, lots of options here. Sometimes used to search a room if you know where they’re at, mostly used in combination with traps. If the ghost is in an object, it’ll break that object with one blast, potentially kill them with two. If they’re out of an object, one blast will kill them, thus why it’s paired with traps.


Traps, useful for blocking off escape routes. If the ghost moves a lot, traps will likely stop them in their tracks. Traps can be destroyed with Miasma or by yelling yourself from an upward position, directly on the trap. If you get caught in one, you have two options, step back and flee, or swipe at the trap and hope the hunters don’t get to you in time.

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