Men of War II – How to Survive (PVE)

PVE Survival Guide

The division deck guide for the PvE Campaign of Men of War II

To win in the game, you need a good division deck. Your deck has three parts, and each part has a point limit that determines how many units you can use.

First deck (200 points):

  • Use fast, light units like infantry squads, mortars, and air strike units
  • Add recon units like light motorized vehicles
  • You don’t need supplies yet

Second deck (300 points):

  • Add more units to help your first deck
  • Use Supply Trucks to keep your troops supplied with ammo
  • Add some tanks (light and/or heavy) and artillery or anti-tank guns

Third deck (500 points):

  • This is your strongest deck
  • Improve your infantry, add heavy artillery, or powerful anti-tank guns

Infantry tips:

  • Infantry is the most important part of your army
  • Rifle squads are good for controlling points, grenadiers are good for attacking
  • Squads with only one weapon type (like rifles or MPs) are good for specific tasks
  • Mixed squads with different weapons are better for attacking
  • Use small support troops (flamethrowers, snipers, medics, recon) carefully with your main infantry


  • Cheap and effective against infantry
  • Place them in a safe spot behind your lines
  • Keep a supply truck nearby for ammo

Air strikes:

  • Use them to attack enemy artillery far away
  • Have at least one in your first deck

Recon units:

  • Light recon vehicles or planes can spot hidden enemies
  • Use them before attacking

Second and third decks:

  • Add tanks and artillery
  • Light tanks are good against enemy vehicles and artillery
  • Heavy tanks can push through enemy positions
  • Be careful, tanks can be destroyed quickly by anti-tank guns
  • Use recon to find a safe path for your tanks
  • Anti-tank guns are good for defending, but need ammo from supply trucks
  • Use two anti-tank guns together for better defense
  • Artillery is expensive but powerful against all targets
  • Mobile artillery works well with armored assault squads


  • Each unit has a natural enemy that can destroy it quickly
  • Use the right unit for the right target

Final tips:

  • Equip your infantry with items from crates, destroyed enemies, and abandoned trucks
  • Dig and take cover with your infantry whenever possible
  • Use the mini-map to find enemy artillery (red signs)
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