Platform 8 – Anomalies List and Useful Tips

Guide to Anomalies

Useful Tips

  1. Go slow. Some strange stuff takes time to disappear.
  2. Strange stuff only changes the pictures on posters, not the words.
  3. After dodging strange stuff, it won’t come back until you’ve seen all the other strange stuff.
  4. Losing to strange stuff means it can still come back later in the game.

Door that’s a little open

The door opens a bit and then shuts.

Open doors

The doors open while the train is going.

Crying out to the door

There’s a loud voice at the door. It states not to open the door on the display board. All you have to do is wait for the anomaly to disappear before exiting through the door.

A hand piercing the door

A hand is protruding through the car’s front and rear doors.

Broken windows

The windows break when you’re halfway through the car.

Car with fog

The whole car gets foggy. They say “Do not get off”. After a bit, the car stops and the doors open. Just wait until it starts moving again and the door to get out will open.

Playing hide and seek

The girl wants to play hide and seek. When you go to her, the car goes dark for a second. She’s gone and there’s a message on the floor. Now you gotta find her. She’s hiding behind doors or windows in the car.

Keep your eyes forward

Proceed through the automobile until you get to the door leading out. You will be caught by the invisible man if you turn around.

Find the weird thing

In this car, there’s a message on the door to get out. If you go through the door while the message is there, you start over at level 0 and it doesn’t count.

Each time you see the message, there’s a different weird thing. The weird things are:

  • Poster with an eye.
  • Poster with a girl.
  • Train rules poster.
  • Poster for veterinarians.
  • A headless, suit-wearing figure.

The car is slanting backwards

It is up to you to dash through it and unlock the door. After you’ve done that, things will resume as usual.

Flooded car

The car is flooded. To get to the escape door, you have to sprint as quickly as you can.

Man chasing you

The man’s not in his seat. He’s at the back door. When you go to him, he chases you. You have to run away.

Handprints with blood

When you walk through the car, there’s bloody handprints everywhere. Just go out the exit door.

Car with lots of people

The car is crowded. Walk through the people.

Absence of light

You have to locate the door that is unguarded. That’s the way out.

Enormous heads

Just head toward the exit.

Sitting white mannequins

There are no more seats available for you on the crowded vehicle. Try it out by going to the exit door; one seat will then become available.

Take a seat.

Then there’s an open exit door.

Creepy woman

“Do not look away” is written on the display board. That means all you have to do is keep looking at her as you head for the exit.

Chasing woman

The lights have begun to flicker. The woman approaches you when the lights are off, and you have to rush to the escape door when the lights are on.

Being captured on camera

You are being recorded by the guy. Simply go to the exit door.

Man without a face

There is no face on the man. He’ll get you if you gaze at him.

Man without a head

Just get past him.

Moving hand straps

Red light

Simply move forward and open the door.

Light stay, dark move

The floor message says when the lights go off, move forward to find the exit. If you move when the lights are on, the girl catches you.

8-9-4 Code

Follow the arrows and open each door the number of times it says. Go right and try the door 8 times. Then go to the back and try that door 9 times. Finally, go to the front door and try it 3 times. It opens on the fourth try.

Tier List

  • S: Car Tilting Backwards / Foggy Car / Blackout
  • A: Chasing Man / Chasing Woman / Flooded Car / Giant Heads / White Silhouettes Sitting / Crowded Car / Hide and Seek / Don’t Look Back / Light Stay, Dark Move /
  • B: No Face Man / Creepy Woman / Hand Poking Through Door / Windows Shattering /
  • C: Headless Man / Opened Door / Opened Side Doors /
  • D: Being Recorded / Ajar Door / Shouting at the Door (caveat of language barrier) / Find The Anomaly / Bloody Handprints
  • F: Red Light / Code

I hope you found this useful!

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  1. The puzzle ones are fun.
    By the way. Is that girl poster on the ceiling is from the TRPG game?

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