Medieval Blacksmith – How to Make Better Weapons

Making Better Weapons

When making weapons, hammer the metal to 96 or 97%. Getting to 99% on every part isn’t necessary.

Don’t melt your ores for too long. Check the quality on the bucket and remove it from heat before it stays hot too long. To keep quality high, melt two ores, make your first blade and handles, then drop them. Pour the rest of the metal in the cast to save quality.

Buy the lathe from the tool shop. It lets you make nice handles and reduces handle weight. This makes the weapon cost more and look better.

To improve blade quality, you have to quench it in a water barrel. Buy a water barrel from the tool store for 1000 GP. It’s worth the price. After making the blade on the anvil, hold it in the water for 1 second, take it out, then put it back in for 1 second. Then let it cool. The quality is shown on the bottom of the screen.

When putting the sword together, get it to about 90% complete. Then do a bigger swing at the end to finish it. This helps the final quality.

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