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Traps and Guards are important, but so is the layout of your base. The way you place your blocks can make the difference between a useless and a useful trap. Keep in mind I won’t describe trap setups here, as it would be quite counterproductive (gotta keep the surprise for raiders y’know).

The fun of the game is to come up with your own ideas or take inspiration from what you see during raids!

1×1 Corridors

1×1 corridors are very useful to tighten the playing area and lower the room raiders have to escape things. Keep in mind a boltshot at the end of a corridor can be dealt with even without space to avoid it (guns).

Wide Corridors

Sometimes it can be smart to use wider corridors. This allows for setting up trapped pits, that probably won’t kill people by themselves but can make them react and lead them into getting into an other trap. Always keep in mind the room your raiders will have to manoever when setting up traps. If you put a simple claw behind a holocube among the walls, it will probably be easy to avoid using the solid blocks around.


Corners help making your corridors less straight, and slow things down. The smart raider will check corners, expecting traps, while the speedrunner will have to stop more in oder to grapple through the thing. Boltshots after corners probably won’t get kills by themselves, but maybe they can be lured into by an other setup before?


Staircases are very good to cut the line of sight of raiders and hide some traps. The common thing is to have traps on the ceiling, in a niche and that pop up in the back of a raider, but most people are used to this now, try to use that to your advantage.


Slopes pair very well with bombs when on the ground, and can make them roll to a specific place. Slopes on walls or ceilngs can open the line of sight of traps, but people will often expect something there.


Rooms are good to put a mlutitude of traps. Don’t put them randomly expecting people to die a lot though, try to think about what traps will attract the most attention, what people will prioritize, how they will move, and set up thing to catch them unexpectedly.

Overall, try to diversify your outpost layout and trap setups. Using always the same tricks will have raiders learn what to expect and how to counter it. Using only the same layouts will do the same.

Think that bigger isn’t always better.

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