Meet Your Maker – How to Avoid Killrooms

Guide to avoiding Killrooms. This will show how to generally avoid the biggest problem plaguing MYM right now… Killrooms (Donkrooms).

Level 3 Intel: The Go To Choice!

To avoid Killrooms (Donkhead) rooms.

Get the lvl 3 intel perk from Prosamogi (The combat suits guy.)

He’s going to give you a rundown on what’s going on in that lvl Beforhand!

(That what makes it good!)

He’s going to show you how many traps are in the lvl. Distance from the start of the lvl to genmat. And last but very important, the 2 most used traps within the lvl.

Because these donks have no creative thought process or ingenuity when making lvls. You can easily spot them a mile away.

Usually lvls where the max traps are corrosive traps and plasma sentinels are dead giveaways.

Also keep eyes out for enforcers and and other traps with abnormally high numbers. But for the most part corrosive and plasma sentinels are dead giveaways.

Reason, and the Bigger Problem of TryHard Culture

The reason why you see a lot of these people who make these rooms are Seething and so mad about this information is that we’re playing the same game as them. We’re using the in game tools and features to avoid these dents like the plague.

There using what’s in the game to make it un-fun and unbearable lvls that no one wants to play.

Ruining the overall game experience and turning people off from the game. These people do this with every game. They don’t care about the game or it’s future. They’re just there to make a miserable experience for anyone who is playing it.

They’re mad because currently the game has a prestige system for builders.

Most people do not like their lvls anyway. So they can’t lvl up their outpost most of the time because people are leaving and not giving them accolades for their base. (As it should be.)

This leads to them not getting people to raid their outpost. Usually depleting what time they have left and drying up whatever potential to get kills later on.

It’s very good!

This is the sure shot way, to completely avoid killrooms and get back to having a fun time with the game.

Get Back to Gaming / Get Back to Having Fun with MYM

Since using this method I’ve return having a great time with the game. Playing legit hard difficult levels where people are creatively finding amazing ways to kill you. I’m even getting to see more artistic yet brutal levels as well just like this pyramid design for example.

Amazing raid. Winding paths, multiple routes, hidden little secrets, creative trap placements, and extremely huge lvl as well.

Block, Move On, Focused, Flourishing, Hydrated

Make sure and Block these Killroom dents as well as it will prevent you from encountering any of their future designs and also prevent them from watching your replay if you do get caught in one of their killrooms. (Deny them this satisfaction. This is whay they want the most.)

You can also do this beforehand. If you spot an obvious killroom when selecting a map.

Check Player Profile on the bottom of the screen. Block the player right there and then.

This will also remove the map on the selection screen and rotate a new map in it’s place.

(This is especially good when you’re going against a champion outpost.)

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