Meet Your Maker – Guards Guide


Guards are NPCs that you can put around your base, either stationnary or with a patrol path. They all will attack the player once they notice them.

All of them have 3 body parts: the head (never armored), the body (can be armored) and the legs (can be armored).

All of them except the head can acquire armor with a mod, depending on the type of guard.

They also have access to a bomb mod, making them explode a second or two after dying.

Enforcers are your basic grunts. They fire bolts at the target. They are quite good to keep the pressure up or serve as baits to lead the raider into a Trap. They will rarely get kills except if the raider flys into them or doesn’t pay attention.

Cannonbacks are able to shoot bombs (the same dropped by the bomb trap) at the raider. Pretty good to keep them moving or dislodge them out of a hiding spot.

Hornets are like the enforcer, but flying. They don’t bring much to the table imo except they are a bit more accurate and can be a bit more annoying to kill.

Warmongers are huge beasts only able to attack in melee. They will rush the player to slash them down on sight. They will most likely kill each other if multiple are piling up on the same player. Very good for pressuring the player and force them to move, especially when armoured.

All guards can damage traps and other guards so keep that in mind. They are mostly useful to pressure the raiders.

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