Medieval Dynasty – Useful Tips

Just some tips ive had playing this game. From moving encumbered to little things.

Tips for Medieval Dynasty

When encumbered, move in a diagonal direction to move full speed

Picking reeds in the river is a great way to earn early Survival (0.3xp each, like all gathering)

Bandits have a set boundary distance. When walking away from them, they will eventually stop and turn back. this can be cheesed by attacking once they stopped.

Swim in the river if you need to clean yourself. it only decreases when you move in deep water.

Walking on trails, you will encounter flipped over carts. Loot will be scattered next to it that can vary from wheat to copper axes and so forth.

Herbs don’t seem to expire, ill change this if i find it does.

When hunting with a box, grab your arrows from the body before skinning the animal. this will despawn the arrows.

Animals take more damage from headshots

Rabbits can be outrun and die to one punch

During your first winter, a torch can keep you warm during the day along with a hat (easy to get)

Wooden spears autoswitch after throwing them with RMB+LMB, craft several.

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