Lootun – Explosive Shot Build

Build Guide: Explosive Shot (Mid Tier DPS)

Here’s a mid tier DPS build. Build card is maxed for single target damage. Abyssal Cuffs can be swapped for Elegant Cuffs. Nature’s Gauntlets can be swapped for Strategic Grips. I recommend to test on your own to see which gear works best in your raid team.

Boot enchants are largely irrelevant in a raid, but they can be swapped to Sentinel for slightly more DPS if it procs.

Rain of Arrows provides good team utility and can benefit from fire damage enchants.

Gems priorities are attack speed, fire damage, damage over time, damage.

Chart from a Heroic Demonic Juggernaut fight. Gear is all overloaded.


Explosive Shot has turned into one of the best raid builds I could find this patch. The Scorching Bands from Ancient Bastion have been a real game changer for ignite builds. It really shines when the whole raid team focuses on ignite.

The build card is set for maximum single target DPS with defensive enchants skewed towards even more offense. Adjust accordingly.

Obsidian Pendant can be used on curse raid bosses. Malady is being used on the build card as the target dummy is set to max stats with crit defense and no curse of slowness. My assassin currently hits 181% crit with 20% crit from team buffs. If you’re not around these numbers, Malady will probably be BiS. Scorching Bow + Hillstrider’s Ambition can be used if you haven’t unlocked Dextral Handcannon yet.

My gem priorities were attack speed > fire res > fire damage > damage over time > damage.

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