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How to unlock every achievement in Loop Hero.

All Achievements Guide


Loop Hero doesn’t really have any hard achievement. As the game itself, it’s all about repetiton. If you are looking to 100% the game, i’ll try to explain every achievement as good as I can. That said, this is my first attempt at creating a guide for a game, so don’t expect it’s quality to be the best.Camp AchievementsThis achievements can be unlocked in the camp.

  • Foundation Stone – Build the first camp structure. Outside expeditions, you will spend your time in the camp. There you will be able to build (and upgrade) buildings to get access to new abilities, tiles and functions. Just build the first one.
  • Trickster – Unlock the Rogue class. There are three different classes in the game. You start with the Knight, and unlock the other two building specific camp structures. The Rogue class is unlocked building the Refuge.
  • Grandma Says Hello – Unlock the Necromancer class. It’s unlocked building the Crypt.
  • Small Town – Build all the possible camp structures. Just build all the structures in our camp, it will take time and a little bit of farming for resources, but you will get there.
  • Hole in Memory – Dismantle a camp structure. Once you build a camp structure, you can dismantle them whenever you want. You just need to dismantle one of them. I would advise to dismantle one of the cheapest structures to build, since you will lose part of the resources you have spent building it.
  • From Dust and Sticks – Craft 5 items. Once you build the Supply Depot in the camp, you will have access to the supply function. This allows you to equip items to boost your stats before starting an expedition. To access the “Craft” function (to craft camp items using resources), you have to build either the Farm, the Smithy, the Lumberjack or the Alchemist’s Tent. Once you have built any of these, you just need to craft five items.
  • Handyman – Craft 25 items. Keep crafting stuff.
  • Easier Than Making – Dismantle 5 items. On the crafting menu, you can also dismantle items you don’t want to get some resources. Dismantle five of them.
  • Barbarian – Dismantle 10 items. Keep breaking down stuff.
  • Collector – Get all the camp items. You can obtain items by crafting them or killing enemies during an expedition. Either way, the item you get is random, so I would suggest to start an expedition, do as many loops as you can while farming resources and items, and then use those resources to craft items at the camp.
  • Scholar – Unlock a chapter in the encyclopedia. To unlock the encyclopedia, you have to build the Library. There you will have access to info about every tile, enemy, resource and camp item. Using “Books of Memories” (a type of resource), you can get an extra piece of lore for any of these. Unlock one of them (once you select an article from the encyclopedia, you can unlock it’s chapter at he bottom of the screen, just in case you don’t see the button).
  • Small Talker – Read 50 different dialogues. Advancing through the story, building and upgrading structures, and encountering new enemies, you will get access to different dialogues. Just read 50 of them (you don’t really need to do anything specific, it will unlock playing through the game).
  • Observer – Unlock 50 chapters in the encyclopedia. As you unlock new entries, you will eventually get this one.
  • Book Worm – Unlock all the encyclopedia. This is one of the trickiest achievements to get, since there are a couple of enemies and tiles that can be difficult to discover without a guide. I’ll try to quickly list all of the ones I can find here, but I would advise to look up another guide for this.

    Rare Tiles: Blood Path (place two Battlefields together), Ransacked Village (put a Vampire Mansion next to a village), Count’s Lands (after 3 loops, the Ransacked Village will transform into this), A Village? (appears after placing ten forests), Overgrown Field (place Wheat Fields next to a village, and then delete the village with an oblivion card. You can also place Wheat Fields next to the A Village? tile, and it will directly transform into Overgrown Field), Bridge (place a river on top of the road), Shipwreck (place a river next to a Battlefield), Goblin Camp (appears after placing ten mountains), Goblin Lookout (place a swamp next to a Goblin Camp), Abandoned Bookery (a Bookery will transform into this after exchanging 20 cards), Hungry Grove (place a Blood Grove next to a Grove and then delete the Grove with an oblivion card), Bandit Camp (place two villages and it will appear next to one of them. Make sure to have space for it), Reed (place a river next to the road and it will become a Reed), Mountain Peak (place nine rocks or mountains in a 3×3 formation), Blooming Meadow (place a meadow next to any other structure), Oasis (place a River next to a Desert or Sand Dunes tile), Burned Forest (place a Storm Temple next to a forest), Town (place Suburbs in a diamond formation), Empty Treasury (place a Treasury and completely surround it).

    Rare Enemies: Blood Clot (spawns in Blood Paths), Ghost (enemies killed within the area of a battlefield may transform into this), Ghost of a Ghost (a Ghost may transform into this when killed), Prime Matter (a Ghost of a Ghost may transform into this when killed), Vampire Mage (a Vampire that appears within the area of an Abandoned Bookery will transform into this), Watcher (appears in battles within the area of a Temporal Beacon), Watcher Mage (same as with Vampires, watchers will transform into this when they are within the area of an Abandoned Bookery), Field of Blades (spawns in Overgrown Fields), Fishman (spawns in Reeds), Siren (appears in Shipwrecks), Jellyfish (spawned by Sirens in the third or fourth bosses), Dark Slime (this one is tricky. Force a Goblin Camp to appear, wait until the second goblin is about to spawn and, once the sprite is walking towards the road, delete the Goblin Camp with an Oblivion card. When you fight the remaining Goblin, the Dark Slime will be there replacing the Gobling you just deleted).

    Rare Resources: The only resource that may be tricky to get is the Astral Orb. In my opinion, the easiest way to farm these is by killing Vampire Mages.

    Rare Camp Items: There is not rare camp items. You can only get this at random, so it’s just about luck.
  • Always Been Here? – Build the river. This is one of the last camp structures you will build.
  • Alchemist’s Apprentice – Transmute 5 resources into hydrogen. You need to build the Alchemist’s Tent to use the Alchemy function. With it, you can transmute resources into hydrogen, and later synthesize that hydrogen into other resources. Just transmute five resources this time.
  • Don’t Breathe It In – Transmute 50 resources into hydrogen. Keep breaking down your resources.
  • Not Gold… – Synthesize 5 resource with alchemy. Using the Alchemy function, craft five resources.
  • Still Not Gold… – Synthesize 100 resources. Simple as that.

Expedition Achievements (Basic)

Here I’ll list the easiest achievements you can unlock during expeditions. This ones are pretty straightforward, so you should unlock all of them playing normally.

  • New Beginning – Embark on your first expedition. Simple as that, this is the first achievement you’ll unlock.
  • First Blood – Kill 5 enemies. You’ll have to kill tons of enemies in this game, so you should unlock this one during your first loops.
  • First Time? – Die first time. It will happen eventually, don’t be ashamed (simply lose all your hp).
  • Practically a Job – Embark on your tenth expedition. You just need to keep playing.
  • Part of the World – Find 100 resources. Resources are used to upgrade various things on the camp, and they can be obtained by killing enemies and placing down or walking through some tiles.
  • Lost Count – Kill 1000 enemies. It may sound like a lot, but you will unlock this relatively fast. As I said before, you’ll have to kill TONS of enemies.
  • Cardsharp – Place 1000 cards. This is the core of Loop Hero’s gameplay, so it will unlock faster than you might think. Just keep placing tiles.
  • Bartender Refill – One of the buildings you can unlock in the camp, the Herbalist’s Hut, will allow you to use potions to heal yourself during expeditions. Once you unlock the Herbalist’s Hut, you will unlock this one soon after. Potions are drink automatically when your HP drops below a certain threshold, so you just need to keep playing (and loosing health) until you drink 50 of them.
  • Around the World – Complete 100 loops. Once more, just keep playing. When you embark on an expedition, your Hero will start to walk in a loop until you leave or die. Once you complete 100 of those loops, you will get this achievement.
  • What’s Not Tied Down – Get 5 camp items. Once you build the Supply Depot in the camp, you will have access to the supply function. This allows you to equip items to boost your stats before starting an expedition. This items can be obtained killing enemies, or crafting them at the camp unlocking other buildings.
  • Can’t Get It Back – Lose 100 resources. When you die during an expedition, you will lose 70% of the supplies you have obtained during that run. You just need to die a couple of times. Additionally, if you abandon an expedition when you are on a tile other than the camp, you will lose 30% of the supplies, so that also adds to the count.
  • Groundhog Day – Die ten times. Pretty straightforward.
  • Go-getter – Embark on your fiftieth expedition. Sounds like a lot, but you will probably get this one just playing through the game.

Expedition Achievement (Advananced)

This achievements are also unlocked during expeditions, but unlike the previous ones, you will need to do more specific stuff to get them.

  • As Anew – Fill the whole map. During an expedition, fill the hole map with tiles. Not hard, but you will need to complete a lot of loops to get this. Do it in the first boss.
  • Make a Puzzle – The only resource that may be tricky to get is the Astral Orb. In my opinion, the easiest way to farm these is by killing Vampire Mages.
  • Fence – Get 10 orange items in exchange for the trophies in camp. You need to play as the Rogue to unlock this. Unlike the other two classes, the Rogue doesn’t get his equipment killing enemies. Instead, he gets trophies, that he exchanges for equipment once he reaches the camp tile. The rarity of the equipment you get depends on the number of trophies you exchange, so keep doing loops and placing tiles like Spider Cocoons or Cemeteries to get as many trophies as you can in a single loop. You will need a little bit of luck, but with enough trophies, you will eventually get the 10 items. You can do this in the first boss so it doesn’t get too difficult.
  • Tripped – Die outside of battle. The only way to do this is using swamps. While in a swamp tile (both inside and outside a battle), any healing you get deals you damage, except for potions. Regeneration, vampirism and healing per day will hurt you instead. You need to fill the road with swamps, put down a bunch of temporal beacons so time passes quicker and place a lot of Blooming Meadows to get a lot of healing per day. You just need to get a daily heal to kill you while in a swamp and outside battle. I don’t know how tricky this one is since i got it really fast, but I may have been just lucky.

    There is a second way to do this, but it requires a specific trait called Blissful Ignorance. If you get this, your hand will be filled by oblivions, and using an obivion will heal you for a small amount. If you manage to get this trait during a run, stop the Hero on top of a Swamp and start deleting other tiles to reduce your health.
  • Crunchy company – Have 10 living skeletons in one battle. You need to do this one with the Necromancer. However, there is a trick to it. You can only get eight skeletons on your side in a battle. Lucky for you, the achievement doesn’t specify in what side the skeletons have to be. Just place a bunch of cemeteries, and the added enemie skeletons will unlock the achievement.
  • See the World and Not Die – See all the possible tiles. You need to place down or force to spawn every single tile in the game. There are some tricky ones to get, I’ve explain how to get them in the “Book Worm” achievement.
  • Undying – Die and resurrect 3 times in one expedition. There are three ways to resurrect. The first one is building the Cemetery in the camp. The second, to place the “Ancestral Crypt” tile. The third is to get a trait called “Omicron’s Technique“, which will grant you a third resurrection. The easiest way to farm this is to get into the first boss expedition, place down the Ancestral Crypt (whith it and the passive resurrection from the camp’s cemetery), and place a bunch of Suburbs to level up fast and get the Omicron’s Technique. Then, just die. Three times.
  • Broken Geography – Place 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck, not counting Oblivion. To do this, you have to kill Prime Matters. Upon killing a Prime Matter, it will give you either a golden card, or three cards you didn’t have in your deck. Put down a bunch of battlefields and let the loops go on until you have killed enough Prime Matters. I first tried this in the first boss and it didn’t work (they gave me a normal card instead), so I would try in the second boss or higher.

Boss Related Achievements

The last bunch. Here are all the achievements related to the four bosses of the game. I will omit the achievement descriptions for this ones to avoid spoilers.

Note: I don’t really have the ultimate strategy to optimize your runs. I don’t know the best builds for each character either. You may want to check those things anywere else. The only thing I can tell you (which is what has worked for me) is to use the Rogue and place down all the Thickets you can next to a river. Place a bunch of Suburbs to level up fast and get a bunch of traits. Then, with your equipment, prioritize your evasion, your attack damage, and your crits and attack speed. You can also take Sand Dunes with you to lower your enemies’ health. I don’t know about the Knight or the Necromancer, but the Rogue is pretty broken if you play it like this.

  • Just Starting Out – Defeat the first boss.
  • Punching Bag – Defeat the first boss three times.
  • Glass Queen – Defeat the second boss.
  • Faith alone is not enough – Defeat the second boss three times.
  • For Whom the Horn Tolls… – Defeat the third boss.
  • Hunter’s Nightmare – Defeat the third boss three times.
  • Memory pieces – Defeat the fourth boss.
  • Godslayer – Defeat the fourth boss… six times. That’s one hell of a plot twist.
  • In Time for Lunch – Defeat the boss in the first expedition. You need to know the basic mechanics of the game to do this. It’s not too hard, I got it on my second try. The advice I can give you is to fill the camp tile zone with other tiles so you get the less amount of Lich’s palaces to spawn. Also, get a bunch of vampirism and regeneration, as well as a bunch of meadows, to get as much healing as you can (you won’t have potions or villages to heal this time, and your camp’s healing won’t be too good).
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