Yakuza 0 – Disco & What They Don’t Tell You

For those who dont know this about Disco and struggle with the mini-game as a whole.

The Main Thing About It All

Disco is probably the worst Mini-game in my opinion.

However. It does have its merit.

I struggled for so damn long at this mini-game and I was an ex-competitor at DDR, Guitar Hero and other things locally. So with that being said I wanna try and help you figure out the things they dont tell you about this mini-game.

How to Disco

Disco is a rhythm game with a twist having additional movement being a bonus factor and a fever mode that gives bonus points, though reading the next part will have you realizing most of that doesn’t mean a damn.

Step 1: Learn timing, which is terrible it hardly matches up with visual or song, however if you keep missing stuff you’re probably too early, the only notable thing I can tell you is to press the button when the outer square is all the way tucked in. There is a small delay before the note will miss roughly 1 second after the square stops shrinking. You have a margin for error. Just practice to figure it out.

Step 2: Steps, steps and more steps. However I’d say if you can land an average of 3 steps per note that isn’t in a chain. You’re already doing good enough.

Step 3: Fever. Honestly unless the song has a massive downtime with just a few note presses you really dont wanna use this, and even then probably still wont wanna use this when you press onward to see the biggest thing they dont tell you about this mini-game that will most likely solve all your problems.

The One Thing They Fail to Mention

Tip #1 The Biggest Tip of All

Combo Is Everything.

#$@! Fever, #@$! Steps.

Add steps when you can but most of all just focus on hitting every single note possible.

If you can get in about 3-4 extra steps per note you can win without fever and without stumbling all over your damn controller/keyboard.

If you can consistently hit every note with 2-4 steps and ignore that fever bar your score will grow immensely. Beating Media(Disco) King without using Fever or slamming 8 steps between each note felt great. Hit a score of over 6,000 without a single use of fever and a combo ending at 25 because I got greedy.

Just combo, nothing else and you should beat every dance challenge (except Miracle because well. He’s a legend.)

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  1. I got more total steps and max combo then the media king but still lost by over a 1000 the disco minigame is shit

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