LEGO Worlds – A Beginner Friendly Stud Guide

In the guide, this will show you how to get alot of studs.

Guide to Get Studs for New Players


In the Space World Menu while inside the rocket, generate a new world and keep on changing the map until you get “Winter Wonderland”. Now fly to that world.

How to Farm the Studs

When you arrive into the Winter Wonderland world, you should look around all across the map to find a Big Boxed Present in the Wild, there are quite a few so you should be able to find one, though its not the easiest thing.

When you find a present (not an openable one which gives you a reward) start to punch and kick the box, and each time you hit it, you will get Studs.

You can get just over 20K Studs each time!

Others Things You Should Know About

Also, if you cant find any presents with studs anymore, create another world and change the map until it is Winter Wonderland and you should have fresh presents to break open again.

And to prevent lots of junk worlds, delete them as you go.

This is kinda helpful if you need some studs for a really cool discovered item, or to buy Hearts from the air baloon.


Find the Boxed Presents and punch them in a Winter Wonderland World for just over 20k Studs per box.

I hope this helps you.

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