Legend of Keepers – 20 Ascension with Any Class

Boring way to win consistently as any class. I get Easy ascension 20 with Slave holder, but don’t see why it should not work with other dungeon masters.

3 Time Watchers

I beat 20 ascension without any loss with below squad.

Why 3 Time watchers? It’s best unit in entire game and you will use it in each battle. You need 3 so 2 of them can fight and one can rest.

All statuses (Enrage, Terrified or Guaranted critical) applies to Time Watcher’s 20% morale attack, so keep it in mind, when looking for colleages for your main force.

Keep your time watchers always in first room, and buy them units who can tank, increase speed, or decrease speed of the enemies. Keep in mind that when time watcher dies, it give speed buff to other minions, so you can sacrifice one of them just to make other time watchers faster.

Rest of Your Army


You have real choice for apprentice – both Masoch and Sannakji plays very well with heroes demoralised by First room.

Second Room

90% of heroes will be dealt by morale.

But you need to prepare for very rare cases, where morale are not enough, thats why we have Infernal Guardian + Cauldron trap. It’s very good tank and very good late game damage dealer.

Also you need to earn some blood, so try to not scare heroes if you can safely kill them.

Order of Training

The biggest problem will be amount of blood.


Level 3 Priority

  • Upgrade all time watchers –>Psycho imp –> Infernal Guardian –>Any supports/tanks

Level 4 Priority

  • Infernal Guardian –>Psycho Imp –>Time Watchers –>Any supports/tanks
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