Conqueror’s Blade – More Free FPS

FPS Boost

A possible free 10-30FPS and no FPS drops fix. You can try to run the Game on Vulkan instead of Dx11.

Visit the Site and download dxvk-1.9.1.tar.gz

Unpack it and copy the files from x64 folder if you using a 64bit System.

Then you have to open the Conquerblade Gamefolder where the Game.exe located.(proven_ground_client.exe) and paste all the files in this Folder.

Once done you can start the Game and test for yourself if this works for you.

If not you can just delete the files again. Those files are new and not replacing the old Game Files so its safe and you cant break anything with trying.

My System:

  • Ryzen5 3600
  • 16gb Ram
  • Radeon RX580
  • SSD drive.

I capped the FPS to 65. I have more or less stable 60 fps. I dont know if it also works for NVIDIA Cards. Please post your results.

PS: I always had problems with the FPS in the game or high fps drops down to 20fps.. So i tried many fixes etc. (If had to run high shadows and Lights to smoothen the game and avoid low FPS until last update). Now turning on Shadows causes more problem than helping. So i advice all with problems to test diffirent Ingamesettings because it seems that they changed something.

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