Suzerain – 3% Threshold / Super Reform / Pluralist Guide on What to Do

This guide is one of a couple of ways to pass the most reformist reform as possible, which includes the 3% threshold, Justices impeachment, and the removal of Soll’s Member of Honor. Its harder than normal reform, but I assure you its doable. Hell, I will raise the stakes by putting Soll on trial, fixing economy, and making sure you gets re-elected without getting threatened by coup or impeachment.

While there are many variations and this is definitely not the only way to do it, I will try to include every details I can so you, the player, knows the reasons why I picked a certain decisions and the consequences.

Also, this guide will contains a lot of spoiler, since I will be commenting on a lot of characters, and I suggests not following this guide if this is your first run.

How the Assembly Voting Works

As you might known, one of the hardest part of passing a reformist run is to pass it at the Assembly. I won’t mince words, you will need 167 votes to make sure it pass (more on that later), and you will need to do plenty of bribing to reach that.

Let’s start by mentioning each of the people we need to convince. On usual case, the votes from all of USP and PFJP is enough to reach 2/3 at assembly. However, since we are doing a very reformist one, Gloria won’t support you, and it will costs you half of USP votes. That’s why you will need to get votes by convincing the independents, having Oligarchs at your side so they help you bribe people at Assembly, and you will need to do a bit lobbying too. Who could have thought money buys democracy?

If you aren’t interested in the details, you can skip the next few of character introductions and go straight to ‘Let’s Start” section.

USP Conservatives Wing (Gloria Tory)

Gloria holds the conservatives wing. Usually, she doesn’t want you to change too many points on the reform, and will ask you not to privatize Healthcare and SSC, and cancel your wife’s speech if you promise her that.

The bad news is, passing the 3%, impeach Justices, and remove MoH will never be accepted by Gloria. As such, you will practically lose half of USP support in this run. To make matter worse, she is the speaker of MP, so she will raise the requirement from 166 to 167 when you didn’t have her support.

The good news is since she won’t support our super reform, you didn’t promise her anything, which means you can privatize health and majority of SSC and Nedam for extra budget. Amazing right?

USP Reformist Wing (Albin Clavin)

Albin holds the reformist wing, and fortunately, he should be able to quickly give you his support if you follow this guide. The only problem is that if you want to keep your decree, he won’t help you unless you bribe him ( 1 wealth) or offer him VP position. Personally, I don’t think the normal decree matters, but do as you wish.

PFJP (Frens Ricter)

PFJP is the opposition, and he is willing to help your reform now. Fortunately, since you will be lowering threshold and veto campaign finance bill, you should be able to get his support easily in this run.

Just to make sure though, if you decide to ask about his departure to Arcasia, say that you will trust him. No point on antagonizing him at this stage.

Independents (Mansoun Leke)

Leke holds the independent. While the independent has small seat, you will also need their support too since practically every votes count. He will support you when you veto NFP’s racist Bills, and passing Worker’s Bill also please him. Fortunately, the super reform will really please him because of the chance to put Soll on trial, so you can skip worker’s bill if you want to save budget (or just want to go full capitalist like me).

Oligarchs (Walter Tusk and Marcel Koronti)

Now then, onto our final ally, Tusk and Koronti. Koronti will offer his help to boost your popularity for a small offer, while Tusk promises to lobby the assembly for you if you do what he asked. In general, here is what they want:

  1. Tusk, as the leader, will offer you bribe in exchange for choosing Underhall as the company for your first mega project (costs 2 budget total)
  2. If you didn’t start a project, he will asks you to bailout business instead. (1 budget)
  3. At dinner later, he will asks you to lower big corporation tax (2 budget)

And such, the cheapest way to please them is to skip first mega project and lower taxes, which will costs 3 budget in total.

Finally, Koronti’s deal. His small favor isn’t exactly small, since he want you to topple Tusk for him. Luckily there is a way to circumvent this. When he calls later before the big 4 ownership, Koronti will asks if you would like to privatize companies. Lie to him, and said you want to nationalize, and Koronti will burn his favor for not nationalizing his company. Agree to that, and don’t promise anything to him when he asks to topple Tusk.

After that, you can privatize majority of SSC and Nedam and share them both. This should guarantee support from both of them, and they should stop asking you favor. Sheesh

Anton Rayne (You, or your popularity)

Finally, I don’t know if this matters or not, but I heard that your popularity also influence the opinion on assembly. Fortunately, Koronti’s deal should help you with this. Just don’t defund education or healthcare okay, this will make people reacts negatively to you, and might lower MP’s opinion. Play safe.

Let’s Start (Turn 1)

Alright, let’s begin

  1. I suggests picking wealthy, or at least middle class so you have more wealth to lobby. Your degree shouldn’t matter too much, though I suggests Law in case you aren’t good with swaying Justices later.
  2. On your promises, I suggests picking west alignment or neutral, promise Free Market, relaxed immigration, and Health.

This is going to be a Free Market West leaning run, since you want to be buddies with Oligarchs.

  1. Agree on meeting with Koronti
  2. Veto the Campaign Finance Bill (duh)
  3. Pick Free Market as promised, but reject plans for the megaproject

I know, this is a weird decision, but I assure you, we will need every budget we can to prevent economic crash, and skipping first mega project saves you 2 budget. We will please Oligarch in other way, and I assure you, you can win the game without the first one. You have my words, Sordland will still be standing with recovered economy.

  1. Invest in stocks, I suggest 2 wealth

Turn 2

  1. Visit affected town to reduce unrest. Remember, popularity!
  2. As expected, Tusk will come and will attempt to bribe you to bailout business. Since we will do it anyway, do as you wish.
  3. Accept Koronti’s deal. Alright, you should have your popularity intact for now
  4. Go to the funeral to reduce unrests
  5. I personally choose to condemn embassy closure here, but this shouldn’t be important
  6. Do not declare emergency

I must stress that if you do, your run ends here.

Budget Management for Turn 3 and 4

Alright, this chapter and the next one is a bit more difficult, so I suggest doing some save scumming if you are uncertain. I will combine the two turn together so you have ideas what to expect.

To avoid economy crashing because of trade war, I try to keep budget at -2 after education privatization. To count, since we have 2 budget (assuming you skip first megaproject), we have 4 budget to spend, 5 if we include budget from privatization.

This is how we will spend it:

  1. Health (-1) as promised
  2. Worker’s Bill or whatever branch you want to fund
  3. Big Corpo tax (-2) (I suggests not raising the small one, you get this option when you have -1 or more at tax meeting)
  4. Regional investment (I pick Agnland here) (-1)

Worker’s Bill will increase Leke’s opinion, but since you propose 3% threshold and impeaching Justices and removing MoH means a chance to put Soll on trial, that’s more than enough, so you can veto it to save budget.

If you decide you want to veto Worker’s bill later:

  1. You can fund education to increase welfare and succesfuly reform education (I did this in my run)
  2. You can fund Law and Justice, and if you do, you can form ACP to destroy Old Guard. Purging Old Guard will also reduce coup chance. Careful though, ACP might lead to your impeachment if your corruption gets leaked.
  3. You can fund military if you want to go to war.

Of course you can skip regional investment but personally, its something to good to be missed.

If you are running out of budget I wouldn’t recommend, but this is what you could do:

  1. Increase small taxes, this will anger people and reduce popularity.
  2. Reduce military funding. This will anger military and increases coup chance, and have less chance at winning war.

Reform Package Finalization, and convincing USP Wing Leaders

Alright, time to put the draft.

The reform package, details:

Section 1:

Limit Vetoes

(This should ensure you can veto NFP’s dumb bills later in the game)

Section 2:

Remove Supreme Court’s veto

Section 3:

The Assembly and Supreme Court may impeach

(should make it harder for you to be impeached)

Section 4:

Confidence vote for Minister


Section 5:

Decrease to 3%

(This is what we want, don’t missclick!)

Section 6:

Decrees requires enabling act

(If you want to keep decree, bribe Albin later. Personally I don’t think decrees is necessary, since you did more than enough with super reform already)

Section 7:

Two Term Limits

(another freebie, you aren’t a dictator)

Section 8:

Judges can be impeached by Assembly

(Important to remove Hawker. Your retirement is up old man)

Section 9:

Abolish Honorary Membership

(Very important, and guarantees independent Support)

After that, there should be a meeting with Gloria, and she will not give you support as expected. The next one, Albin, shouldn’t be a problem.

After that, there will be a USP speech. I have no idea what increases or decreases your popularity, but make sure:

  1. Do not mention anything about putting Soll on trial
  2. Mention that reform will increase USP’s popularity
  3. I choose order them since it will please conservatives.

Later, there will be another speech in front of all MP’s. I basically make a speech about democracy, united Sordland, and ask them to join the voting. Again, don’t mention about putting Soll on trial.

Turn 5

At this turn, Gus should inform you that your investment returns. Congrats

  1. Arcasia should offer you budget. Accept it because why not?
  2. Veto the Religious Bill for independent support
  3. Decide to relax immigration.
  4. When you go to Petr’s party, its a good opportunity to check your relation with Oligarch. If Gus offer’s you Underhall shares, it means your relation with them is good (basically you can join the cool kids club if you buy the shares). Do as you wish, but keep your wealth to 2 at minimum to lobby. On this run, I invests in FC Anrica to increase popularity (and if you pay for Serge’s kid, you can watch football together with him, but its optional).
  5. For Agnolia, I suggests recognize island for them to save budget, and form alliance.
  6. Refuse Wehlen’s deal since we want good relations with Lespia later.
  7. If you maintain funding, Iosef will asks that you reform military to buy better gears, or modernize if you fund military. Agree to reform/modernize.

Unfortunately, I forgot where the prompt to lobby MP is, but when it appears, make sure you lobby with at least 2 wealth.

Turn 6

  1. Iosef will asks for a meeting and asks to remove mandatory conscription. Agree to do that.
  2. There should be an economic meeting later and you can choose your second megaproject. For me, I choose the airport and give it to Taurus Holding (since its the cheapest if you veto Worker’s Bill). If you do this and join ATO, its an almost guarantee ED boosts.

Oh yes, picking Underhall will make Oligarchs like you more (it actually gives you more votes at assembly!), and might be beneficial if you somehow get your hands on Underhall’s shares…

  1. This is the time to decide whether you want to privatize health or not. I personally did it, but if you want to pass free medicine later, the cost of that will increase if you privatize health, so keep in mind. Do increase Rural treatments for better result.
  2. Next is education. For me, I choose to build new school, and chooses both evolution and creationism.
  3. Finally meeting with Ricter. He shouldn’t give you problem.

Turn 7

We should be close to the end.

  1. Koronti should call you and asks for his favor. As we planned, said you want to nationalize, agree to leave HOS alone, and choose not to pick a side when you want to privatize. Be polite.
  2. After that, said to Lucian that you want to privatize. For me, I privatize majority of both SSC and Nedam for 3 budget
  3. There should be a meeting with Tusk and Koronti later. Choose not to take Koronti’s car (too flashy for me), and agree to give both of them equal shares. Do this right, and its the last time you will deal with them. Tusks will give you the vote at assembly, while Koronti maintains your image.
  4. Alright, the moment of truth, the voting time. For me, I quickly votes, then yell to make the MP vote faster. On this run, I get exactly 167 votes. Ricter will asks for alliance, but I personally choose no. You literally read this guide and pass the hard reform, you deserves all the credit.
  5. After the cinema scene, there should be an option to grant Rumburg’s whistleblower asylum. Do it!
  6. Your son failed? I send him to military school XD.
  7. Finally, the scene with Justice Edmonds. She shouldn’t be hard too convince, but if you are scared that you will fail, there should be other guide on how to convince her. Basically.
  • Be polite, wait for her to order, and order salad like her
  • Talk about balance and democracy, new process executed in transparency,etc
  • Talk about removing Old Guards when she asked about impeachmement.
  • Mention Alphonso when she asks about your capitalistic tendency.
  • Said that Justices should have Judicial review to strike unconstitutional law
  • Promise her centrist Justices has nothing to worry
  • Said you can’t silence different ideologies anymore.
  • Said you want Soll as an ordinary citizen

(I actually said that I want to put Soll on trial, don’t know which one she likes though)

Ignore Heron, you don’t need his votes.

Congrats, the new constitution has passed. You deserved a pat in the back for your effort.

And Thank you for reading the guide.

Extra Notes

This part is optional, but I think I should mention a couple of things I did as reference.

  1. Make sure you impeach Hawker and replace him with the experienced one.
  2. You can put Soll on trial now. Amazing I know. He should found guilty when you choose the experienced one.
  3. Petr get into scandal? Share the blame and pick Lucian as VP for me.
  4. You should have plenty of budgets now. I did the free trade zone, lower retirement age, made deal with Lespia, and join ATO. This should be more than enough to fix your economy. Oh yes, also Woman’s Liberation
  5. You can always go to war, provided you at least maintain military budget. Check the war guide if you want, but its not necessary.
  6. If you put Soll on trial, high chance you will get kicked out of USP. Don’t worry, you are popular enough with USP.

Either way, since you reform constitution, fix economy, good welfare, media support, its all enough to get you re-elected

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