Kingdoms and Castles – How to Deal with AI

How to abuse AI kingdoms into giving land or how to get a head start on very highly skilled AI.

Guide to Deal with AI

Selecting AI and Knowledge

Ai can be confusing but all AI is aggressive if you let them be, here are some helpfull tips to follow to prevent war.

Tips for early game

  1. Always talk to them no madder how your situation is (War with viking, invading land) talk to them as they can get angry and also game will auto pause when talking to them.
  2. If someone asks for a tribute say yes it will take years before they start asking, remember you can just say you have no money.
  3. The main reason for being at the “Very Favorable” level is due to the gifts they may bring, like fish and pork that can be annoying to get or iron, and armament’s.

AI level selection

Remember higher ai does not mean more aggressive it just means they develop faster.

Control and Power

Lets say you don’t want peace or want to be a complete conqueror among the lands and destroy your enemies. In that case here are some tips:

Long term capture

  1. Normally very skilled Ai will max out their kingdom at some point and stop advancing as they will not send explores to capture new land. After around 100 years (in-game, my experience) if you are very favorable they have a chance to give their kingdom to you. (You can decline)
  2. If you want to be the boss of the land then when later on in the game if someone asks for a tribute say “Never”, this almost always leads to war.

How to prepare for war

  1. Have an army and ships, its easier to defend your homeland, have many “ballistas” and “archer towers” defending your keep, reminder that “Treasure Rooms” and the “Keep” should be near each other.

Note: Reminder AI may give a warning on large scale attacks.

  1. Most likely their attack failed, now their troops are gone, get “Transport Ships” many and mainly lots of Soldiers, after around 3-7 “Transport Ships” each with 3 Soldiers each send them into their locations.

The Attacks

Your best chance is to find a location on enemy ground that is safe for soldiers. Select them all and right-click on their keep. They should go the fastest route to destroy it all at once, hopefully you have enough soldiers to win.

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