Kill It With Fire: Ignition – How to Exterminate Spiders

This will be the guide on how to exterminate spiders focusing on IGNITION. Lets get started.

How to Weapons



Before we get to exterminating those spiders, we’ll need some equipment to help us on our journey

Clipboard: A perfect tool for noting and hitting, the clipboard will give you some tasks to do and doing those tasks will help you get new equipment, very useful indeed.

Tracker: Technology could have had something more useful than a spider tracker, but lucky you, it exists. The tracker will be useful in tracking on spiders which speaks for itself, play hot or cold and you will find those spiders.

Cheese Puffs: Spiders literally being Usain Bolt? Use Cheese Puffs. Cheese Puffs is a great utility due to its ability to stop spiders dead in their tracks. Be aware that if a Spiderling eats the Cheese Puff, they will turn into a normal spider.


You don’t even need to aim, just shoot and watch your house burn down

Hairspray: The only fire weapon for the Demo sadly, yet fun to use. Takes 20 seconds to literally kill a spider if you don’t aim and can easily kill tons of spiders without even noticing how much there are.

You can even get more ammunition by going to the bathrooms.


Don’t forget, the main character IS American, and will use guns for sure.

Revolver: This is an underrated gun, due to its hit or miss (mostly miss), people don’t use it as much though there are better options.

Shotgun: Mostly a double barrel but a good equipment. There is nothing much to say about the shotgun due to it being a basic weapon and that’s it.

You can get more ammunition by going to the Secret Room.


The final pieces to the puzzle, an end of gathering weapons.

Shuriken: Again this is a hit or miss, though it is better than the revolver but less satisfying. You can pick up the Shurikens you have thrown and sometimes just send to the abyss where they just disappear for no apparent reason.

C4: The best equipment in the entire IGNITION Demo, can kill over to 10+ spiders if placed strategically, limited to 3 C4s, you can have lots of fun with the C4. Overall best equipment.


Now that you are prepared, you can try out Arachno-Gauntlet. Its a challenge killing multiple spiders in a time limit

In the map, “First Contact” there will be a radio behind the laundry clothes.

In the second map, “Close Encounters” there will be a radio in the Secret Room.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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