7 Days to Die – How to Start Building Your First Base

Have no idea on how to survive the night? No clue on how to even start building a base that won’t cave in? Want to Zombie-proof your epic base? Look no further.

Basic Fortifications


It is IMPORTANT that you have collected enough wood to fortify the structure of your choice. I would recommend chopping down about 5 trees.


Once you have selected the house or business of your choice, make sure you have cleared out the entire structure so no nasty zombies attack you while fortifying. Then follow this checklist to make sure your house has maximum fortifications.

  • Windows Boarded
  • Walls repaired (or upgraded)
  • Doors upgraded
  • Roof access
  • Wooden spikes around doors

To many of you, this might seem very basic but this guide is intended for all skill levels.

Simple Base

This is only intended to suit 1 person.

Materials Needed

  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Rocks
  • Iron

Location is VERY important, make sure you pick a nice flat spot so in the event you need to expand or want to build more fortifications,farms, etc. you have enough space. I recommend a flat spot with lots of trees and rocks.

The Base

Make sure you have enough resources before building! I would suggest about 500 wood and 200 clay and 200 rocks.

  • Dig a 6×6 hole for a foundation
  • Using wooden frames, place the foundation in the hole. Only one upgrade is needed.
  • Using rocks and clay, make about 50 flagstone blocks.
  • Place the flagstone on the edges of the foundation, 2 blocks high. Leave space for a door.
  • Using wooden frames, construct a roof. Leave one spot open for an access hole to the roof.
  • Construct 3 ladders and a
  • Additionally, if you have enough wood construct spikes that surround the base. If not, focus on putting spikes around doors as zombies will target doors.
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