7 Days to Die – How to Survive First 7 Days

This guide will help you pass your first 7 days like how I did it for 5 years, 7 Days To Die is a survival base game and surviving the apocalypse from the main hostile zombies, build and survive the hordes that come on day 7.

Chapter I – Taking Action In The Apocalypsea

Before we officially start this chapter, there are two gamemodes – Random Gen (random world that you can choose any size of the map and it’s basically random.) Navezgane Game – (Based on Arizona and the map is the same when you play it again on a different save.)

Welcome, your in the world of apocalypse, the first step you should take when you enter a world is that you must complete the survival steps – craft a Stone Axe and start getting wood, craft a Wooden Bow with arrows this should defend you for life threatening zombies at the beginning of the game, craft a Wooden Club good for heavy zombies and normal zombies and does greater damage if you do a power attack (Left click on the Wooden Club to do a power attack on your enemy, this should grant a lot of damage when you do this action.) Craft a bedroll to spawn and set a spawnpoint and if you die you’ll spawn there. Death in this game if your heath reaches 0 then you died, after you respawn, your’ll have a death penality which means that it deducts your XP for killing zombies if you keep dieing then you’ll keep going the penality for this and soon this will be over if you stop dieing a lot. (XP is for leveling up and getting skill points to increase your characters attributes if you use a skill point on a skill you need.) Craft a campfire used to cook food and increases fulliness. After you successfully completed the survival tips you will get 4 skill points.

Purchase the skill points wisely, and also it will give you a location to a trader. Traders are NPCs that can help you during these times, do quests and get coins and also a lot of XP and it depends on the mission your on. I would do is do only the dig to find the chest and it should give you a lot of food, once you looted the chest zombies will spawn around you, since this is your first day of hell, I would recommend to just do what you’ve been doing and just run to the trader as fast you can, you can do whatever you need to do to survive, once you completed and returned to the trader you should get coins and a lot rewards that can help you, (you can also expand the choices of awards by increasing a skill in the ” Influence Perks” section and also you’ll see ” The Daring Adventurer” which gives you better awards on your adventures by doing quests.) So it should be dark soon which means you need somewhere to stay safe, also don’t stay in the middle of the forest, because there could be wild animals “that you can hunt for food,” and also there is way to track for animals better by going to section “General Perception Perks” and the perk is called ” Animal Tracker” the more you increase it, the better animals you’ll find, like wolfs, rabbits, and bears.

If you spotted a bear, I suggest you run away and get out of there fast, if he spotted you and have no where to keep you safe, run fast anywhere that can avoid bears etc, rocks and houses. Once you found a area to stay in if you need to clear zombies, then clear the zombies out, after that place your bedroll, campfire, and also a land claim block, (this should make zombies not spawn everywhere while your crafting something and COMES OUT OF NO WHERE.) Choose a best suitable place from your likings, once you placed everything you must craft a door and also a chest to not get encumbered ( if you get encumbered it should trigger movement penalites which makes you slower and less faster, if your encountering a zombie just scrap anything that is basically junk, this should free up storage in your inventory and be aware of your inventory and once your out of encumberance, you should be faster then once before, there is skills that can help you not be encumbered and it should get lesser encumbered slots overtime.) Also I forgot to tell you, once you level up this will increase game stage, which means you’ll get random screamers (if it’s very high or medium game stage) “which attracts zombies nearby at your base” and this will make zombies tougher and there could be special zombies that can be faster than you and can grant greater damage to your base and yourself, be aware of the game stage your all this will increase overtime in-game. Well you’ll have to stay up and wait till morning of Day 2. Well you survived your first day, good job, hope this can help you out.

Chapter II – The Next Days Of Hell

Well you survived the first night, if you encountered zombies during the night best to build a wood block in front of the door, and use your wooden club and open the door and POP them in the head. It’s morning well your base can be easily torn by zombies, get a lot of materials and start upgrading your base from wandering hordes or small attacks of zombies which means, place spikes, upgrade doors and upgrade the house itself, or you can search houses to loot and get good items you’ll sometimes encounter a lot of zombies, I’d advise you to be aware of zombies behind you and in front of you, search everything that seems useful to you, and also make sure you hit pictures, because there could be secret loot behind it and also your getting some wood from it, each house has a step, which means you must follow LED lanterns and torches, this should guide you to your awards, sometimes, it’s locked and good news is your able to lockpick it, but there is a better way of lockpicking and there is a skill that should help you lock pick safes, hardened chests, and a metal chest, there is one candy which is called “Jailbreakers” that can be purchased by a trader maybe or a vending machine, that can be found near trader posts, the skill that can help lockpicking is called ” Lock Picking” which if you increase the perk a lot, it should help you have a lot of success for lockpicking it.

After that you can do trader quests and there is so called “Tiers” that makes quest a little bit harder but gives you a lot of XP and coins and there is more trader quests you can do, once you progressed sometimes traders will leave out a location quest, which means you can find another trader and do quests over there. Well your wondering how to get iron, there are iron mines sometimes in forests, deserts, and snow biomes and maybe the wasteland, and you can mine it and should get you alot of iron which makes you upgrade your base a lot of times and able to protect you and reinforce the base before the horde, also you must try to craft a Forge, your able to make forged iron and your able to reinforce doors a lot and making spikes into metal spikes with does greater damage, and in the future you can craft ammo and a lot of things that can help you out.

I would recommend you doing this for the past 5 days, loot, trader quests, gather materials, upgrade the base, make a forge, and also craft weapons that seem useful to you, you ever get a weapon called “Blunderbuss” it’s a musket shotgun, but I highly suggest you use it for a absolute threat, because if you shoot it and might alert zombies and attacts heat, which means more zombies will come to that location if you fire it, not just the Blunderbuss, all firearms, torches, workbenches and also things you made, it attacts heat, in the future used basic light bulb and also lanterns, which requires a generator, you must have a wiring tool and also and engines that can power a lot of things, if you have one engine and you made it to source all power to a lot of things, like 5 electrical things, it’s won’t able to power it, I highly suggest have a wrench and disassemble cars with it and anything which gives you engines, and have up to 5 engines, or max 6 engines.

I highly suggest to be on alert of zombies, and know what you’ve been doing, and also increasing skills and leveling up a lot, this is what I want you to do for the past 5 days, looting, trader quests, gathering materials, upgrading the base, making weapons, and make a forge, and I think you should be good from there, another thing, if you suffered a critical hit from a zombie or a wild animal, I recommend get all healing items that are required to heal the critical wounds and don’t go out at all with something critical, broken leg, abrasion, concussion, broken arm, and also a deep laceration, and maybe food posioning, some foods are posioning and can cause your fulliness to drop heavy and you must take some medical items that can treat it well, and there is a such thing called infection, infections make you weak and you take a lot of stamina when your running, if the infection reaches mild infection, it takes a whole lot of stamina when running and you can’t barley run, if the infection reaches 100% you have a chance of death instantly if you have full heath, it’s very important to be cautious about any wounds you have, I recommend don’t go looting, trader quests or any outside activites until it’s comepletely treated. You survived all 5 days, if not then you respawn with a death penality and have to claim the loot back.

Chapter III – Conclusion, Hordes And The Future

If you survived the 5 days, well good job, if you died well you’ll get better someday. But once you survived and got all the loot, increased your skill a lot,and upgraded the base, you should be good from there and when the time hits 22:00 and your on Day 7 and it should be highlighted in red, the horde started, zombies will start coming to your base, fight them off with all you got in mind! I recommend if your house has a second floor go upstairs and destroy the stairs and get close so your able to hit them.

The first wave, the first wave of the horde, it’s already getting chaos and it’s very red and very foggy, there is at least 35 zombies or more (I could be wrong) the horde can have slight pauses but it still going a lot, if you die during the horde, zombies will stop coming after you, if your bedroll got destroyed during the horde, then you spawn random, which sucks a lot. But if you completely finished off the horde and good, well you survived your first horde, I suggest repairing the base if it got damaged. But I would keep doing the looting, trader quests, upgrading the base, but this time set traps, and craft weapons and etc. But that’s the future and also hordes starts getting very hard, which means special zombies could come at your base, doing a lot of damage of your base, I recommend upgrading your base full time in the future.

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