Steep – Challenges: Monstrous Jump, Spectacular Jumper and Freestyle Adventurer

This is a guide for easily beating these uplay challenges:

Monstrous Jump

  • Get 5 memorable moments: “Successful jump of more than 50 meters in ski or snowboard”.

Spectacular Jumper

  • Get 20 memorable moments: “Score more than 2000 pts freestyle in 1 jump”, in free-roaming.

Freestyle Adventurer

  • Get 10 memorable moments: “Score 10 000 pts Freestyle in the game”

Challenges Guide

  • Map ->¬†Alaska
  • Coordinates -> 2780N – 3800E

Up on the hill there ‘s a ramp and below a huge cliff.

For monstrous jump just start from and run on ramp (no jump button or tricks).

For the other two challenges, with one jump you can easily do a trick worthing 20.000 – 30.000 points (on xbox controller right trigger push left, left trigger push left and hold RT).

Just be careful to stop the tricks on time and land safe.

(In the below screen, u can see the location, the ramp and where u should start).

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