Insurgency: Sandstorm – Scoped Rocket Launcher Impact Points Guide

Can’t figure out which holdover to use with the scoped rocket launchers? This guide shows where to aim.

Guide to Scoped Rocket Launcher Impact Points

Panzerfaust 3

This is the reticle you see when you aim with the Panzerfaust:

For the purposes of this game only one of those hash marks actually matters.

When using this rocket, use the top “+” to aim your shots. That’s the “real” one.

M3 Maaws

This is the reticle you see when you aim with the M3:

Like the Panzerfaust the sight is modeled after the ones used in real life, but only one of them actually matters for aiming in this game.

The top chevron “^” should be used for aiming. All the dots below it are just for show.

The tip of the chevron isn’t quite where the rocket goes, rather it’s just a hair below the tip, but still in the black if my rendition makes any sense. It’s a miniscule distance that likely won’t matter for most situations, but it’s worth remembering if you’re trying to make a hyper precise shot through a window or wall crack or something similar.

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