Crusader Kings III – Sons of Somerled Challenge Guide

The Cetchathath dynasty in both start dates is capable of great things with a lot of elbow grease applied. The historic Clan Sorley (also House Somerled, Somhairle) is represented in CK3 as descendants of House Aiplin in the 1066 start date. The challenge is to bridge the gap between 867 and the 1066 start dates by Role Playing the lineage presented in the 1066 Count of Argyll’s dynasty tree.

Guide to Sons of Somerled Challenge

An Ailpin Mann and the Isles?

The CK3 challenge: Sons of Somerled. The Ivaring clan can feature heavily throughout the play-through, however the challenge is to remain as the Ailpin House, making all aspects significantly harder.

House Somhairle as Clan MacDonald historically became known as the Lords of the Isles after supporting the Bruce in the fight for freedom. Their story began when Somhairle, a few hundred years earlier, split the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles in half by marrying a Croven princess and defeating the Vikings in the Isles. Clan MacDonald, named after Somhairle’s grandson, has the most modern day descendants. Some say Somhairle himself comes second place to Ghengis Khan for most progeny.

The Cetchathath (O’Quinn) dynasty in both start dates is capable of great things with a lot of elbow grease applied. The historic Clan Sorley is represented in CK3 as descendants of House Aiplin, and recreating that has been some of the best games of CK3 I’ve ever had. So play along and let me know how you go with all of this.

To Roleplay the Lords of the Isles campaign, you need to recreate the lineage present in the 1066 start for the Count of Argyll. From 867 to the 1070s, the goal is to create a Cadet Branch of House Cetchathath called House Somhairle.

The player should attempt to continue as House Somhairle for the remainder of the campaign. By this point it is possible to have created an Isles centrist religion (created from Insularism), consecrated and strengthened blood and very high Renown from being Cetchathath. House Somhairle will be ready to conquer the world.

  • Start 867 King of Alba. You really want a cynical Causantin to maybe go asatru, and build a warrior from there.
  • Getting Norse-Gael early is essential.
  • The fastest way is to move capital to Orkney to become first Norse then hybridise.
  • Spread Norse-Gael everywhere so make everything chill.
  • Remain tribal as long as possible. Keep your eye on Stone Henge and Canterbury.
  • Ally up with all the family.
  • Move capital to Orkney.
  • Become North Germanic Norse-Gael. Always be raiding.
  • Conquer Ivar and the Cumbrians.
  • Hold onto the de jure lands of K. Mann-Isles, but only have the Duchy of Nordreyjar.
  • Try to lose the Alban Crown to Aed Morray, your brother or his family in a crown challenge.
  • Should then be able to declare independence war from Alba as Nordreyjar.
  • Create all the titles and gain prestige to fulfil the requirements for K. Mann-Isles.
  • To roleplay as the Highlander or Islander Esteemed Hospitality should be added when going Early Medieval.
  • Work on creating a Cadet Branch called Somhairle. The challenge is to roleplay as the lineage to the right. The last man down that line is Somhairle, who should have a Cadet Branch named after him for the player to continue as.
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