Postal 3 – How to Remove All Cutscenes

Are you tired of seeing the *** and boring cutscenes in Postal 3? Don’t worry, this time I will show you how to eliminate them.

Guide to Remove All Cutscenes


We all know that these cutscenes are disgusting, and thanks to this they make the game heavier than it should, so this time I will show you a method to get rid of them.


The first thing we need to do is go to the root folder of the game.

There, it depends on which language you chose to play Postal 3, choose one of the two.

  • If you have the English version, go to the p3_english folder.
  • If you have the Russian version, go to the p3_russian folder.

Now, go to the Media folder.

Okay, now, select all the files you have.

With this, they right click, and the delete option.

And that’s it, as a last step, empty the recycle bin to completely get rid of the cutscenes.


And that’s it, with this you will no longer have the cutscenes in the game.

The changes I noticed are that now the game is lighter, it is no longer so heavy, in addition to that the loading screens take less time and it makes the game more direct.

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