Incursion Red River – Custom AI Settings Guide

This guide goes through each of the settings when you elect to set the AI difficulty to “Custom”. It gives the in-game description, the variable range (if applicable), and an explanation of what to expect when adjusting the setting.

Choosing Custom Setting for The AI

Options -> Gameplay -> AI Settings

Here you have four options:

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Custom

If you select “Custom”, it’ll open up a lot of variables that you can change that affects the AI’s behavior while you’re on mission.

AI Custom Difficulty Settings

Reaction Time

“How long they actually have to see you to react and start attacking you.”

  • This ranges from 0.00 -> 2.00. My guess is that it’s in seconds.

0.00 means they will instantly react when they see you. 2.00 means they have to see you for two whole seconds before they react to you.

AI Memory Length

“Determines how long for example the AI will search for the player.”

  • This ranges from 30 -> 90. Again, my guess is in seconds.

This will set the amount of time it takes an AI to go back to an “all clear” type of status. Various things may trigger their “active” state such as seeing you / searching for you, hearing a gunshot, seeing a teammate, seeing one of their AI buddies get shot, etc.

Perception Threshold

“How well player has to be perceived by the AI to be actually spotted.”

  • This ranges from 0.10 -> 0.50

Without the developer’s actually metric here, it’s an educated guess of variables. 0.10 may mean the AI only has to see your shadow to know you’re there while 0.50 may mean that they have to see you with a gun in hand pointing at them before they realize what you’re up to.

Reaction Range

“At which range (in meters) players can be perceived.”

  • This ranges from 100 -> 400.

Pretty self explanatory. It sets the maximum range at which AI is able to “perceive” you between 100 and 400 meters. For perspective, if you set this to 400 meters the AI can see you from a quarter mile away.

Perception Range Lost

“At which range (in meters) AI loses sight to player.”

  • This ranges from 100 -> 500.

Another self explanatory setting. If the player goes beyond this setting in distance, the AI will “lose sight” of you. It’s important to note that this setting cannot be set lower than the previous setting. These two will adjust according to each other. (If your Perception Range is set to 200, you cannot have a Perception Range Lost of 150. The AI cannot both lose sight of you and see you at the same time).

Perception Angle

“At which angle (in degrees) left/right the player can be perceived by the AI.”

  • This ranges from 30 -> 90.

The angle from the AI’s perspective, looking forward, at which they can see you. 30 degrees is a very narrow view while 90 is wide angle view.

Perception Angle Lost

“At which angle (in degrees) left/right the AI loses sight to the player.”

  • This ranges from 30 -> 90.

It determines the angle from the AI’s perspective, looking forward, that they lose sight of you. Like the Perception Range, this setting and the previous work together. You cannot have a Perception Angle Lost variable lower than the Perception Angle.

Target At Bone

“The bone of the player that is targeted.”

  • This isn’t a range. It’s multiple choice. You can pick “head”, “spine_01”, “spine_02”, and “spine_03”.

It simply dictates where the AI will aim at when they start shooting at you.

On Target Aim Threshold

“Determines how large the hit radius is. 1 = 1 meter around target bone.”

  • This ranges from 0.40 -> 1.00.

This variable dictates how accurate the AI is at their designated target between .4 of a meter and 1 meter.

Deliberate Shot Count

“For every burst/tap fire, how many shots should we miss. Some weapons have fixed values (Snipers & Shotguns)”

  • This ranges from 0 – 5.

This sets how well the AI’s accuracy is. Some weapons (Snipers & Shotguns) can’t have this variable adjusted for obvious reasons. For every other weapon it can be, however. 0 says the AI doesn’t miss. 5 means they’re praying something hits.

Deliberate Miss Time

“How long after perceiving the player the AI will deliberately miss the target.”

  • This ranges from 0.0 -> 5.0

Another pretty self explanatory setting. Once the AI sees you, how long does it take for the game to tell the AI to deliberately miss their shot. 0.0 means they immediately miss. 5.0 says it’ll take them 5 seconds before they deliberately miss.

Deliberate Miss Reset Time

“How long should we wait before we restart the deliberate miss timer, the higher the more likely after going in cover the AI will not miss.”

  • This ranges from 1.0 -> 20.0

This may be worded a bit awkwardly but what it effectively means is that once the previous setting has been triggered (Deliberate Miss Time), how long does the AI have to wait before they restart the Deliberate Miss Time. If you set this to 1, it’ll be pretty instant. 20 means that they have some time to get some good shots on you before they even consider missing again.

Deliberate Miss Angle

“The angle the AI misses during the deliberate miss time.”

  • This ranges from 5 -> 40.

When the AI is deliberately missing you, how wide are their misses? That’s what this setting determines. 5 means they’re missing but still pretty close. 40 means they’re nowhere near you with their shots.

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