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The Clanfellow are the characters of the game, each one with its unique personality, likes, dislikes, trains and abilities.

While Clanfolk cannot be commanded to do a task, they can be commanded to walk to a certain place, which may impact which task is selected next.

A Clanfellow


Each Clanfellow has the following stats:

  • Mood: When 100, greatly increases Work and XP gain. When above 75%, increases Work and XP gain and Clanfolk can reproduce. When below 25%, decreases XP gain.
  • Work: Affects how fast the Clanfellow works. Does not appear on Baby Clanfolk.
  • Age: Determines the Clanfellow’s Age. Once a Clanfellow reaches Senior Age the bar will show the remaining lifespan.
  • Health: When below 80%, decreases Mood and Work. When below 40%, greatly decreases Mood and Work. When 0, Clanfellow dies.
  • Food: When above 50%, increases Mood, Work and Health. When below 25%, decreases Mood and Work. When 0, decreases Health.
  • Water: When below 25%, decreases Mood and Work. When 0, decreases Health.
  • Sleep: When 0, Clanfellow forcefully falls asleep.
  • Warmth: When below 35%, decreases Mood, Work and Food. When below 15%, greatly decreases Mood, Work, Food and Health. When 0, event greater decrease to everything.
  • Cleanliness: When 0, decreases Mood and Work.
  • Bathroom: When below 10%, decreases Mood and Work. When 0, it rises to 10% and lowers Cleanliness by 10%.
  • Social: When above 50%, increases Mood. When below 50%, decreases Mood.
  • Fun: When above 50%, increases Mood. When below 50%, decreases Mood.
  • Environment: When above 50%, increases Mood. When below 50%, decreases Mood.
  • Plaid: Increases Mood.
  • Pregnancy: Only appears on pregnant female Clanfolk. It shows how long it takes until they give birth. Lasts 20 days.
  • Satisfaction: Only appears for Clanfolk from other Clans. Determines how Reputation with the Clanfellow’s Clan changes after the Clanfellow leaves. At 100% if the Clanfellow is a Worker and there is an unwed Clanfellow of opposite gender present, they will offer to marry into the Clan.
  • Care: Only appears on animals, same effects as Mood.
  • Manure: Only appears on animals, when it reaches 100 the animal will produce Manure.

Work Modes

Each Clanfellow can be assigned one of three work modes:

  • Normal: Clanfellow will work a regular amount of time and then try to refill their Attribute bars.
  • Overwork: Clanfellow will work until exhausted and will lose Mood when working after hours.
  • Time Off: Clanfellow will not work but will lain Mood and may even take a Nap to regain some Sleep.


All Clanfolk have 14 Skills, which determines how good they are at certain tasks. Each Clanfellow will also like and dislike certain Skills, causing them to gain or lose Mood when doing tasks that require them. Juvenile Clanfolk develop skills 4 times faster and Adult and Senior Clanfolk.

Juvenile Clanfolk start the game with most Skills at level 1, Adult Clanfolk start with most Skills at level 2 or 3 and Senior Clanfolk start with most Skills at level 4.

The 14 Skills, ranked by default Skill Priority from most important to least important, are:

  1. Doctor / Baby Care
  2. Repair
  3. Gathering
  4. Harvest
  5. Hunting
  6. Lumber
  7. Mining
  8. Building
  9. Cooking
  10. Farming
  11. Crafting
  12. Clothes
  13. Hauling
  14. Cleaning


Each time a Clanfellow ages it has a chance to gain or lose traits, which may grant various bonuses or penalties to them.

Depending on their effects, trains come in pair of two: one positive and one negative. A Clanfellow may not have two opposite traits.

Positive traitNegative trait
Hard Worker+1000 Max WorkLazy-1000 Max Work
Healthy-50% Sickness ChanceSickly+100% Sickness Chance
Jolly+1/s FunGloomy-1/s Fun
Optimist+1000 Max MoodPessimist-1000 Max Mood
Tireless+2/s SleepWeary-2/s Sleep
Heavy SleeperNoise does not disturb sleepAfraid of the Dark-1500 Mood in dark
-1/s Sleep in dark
Fast Metabolism+1000 Max Work
+10% Movement Speed
-2/s Food
Slow Metabolism+2/s Food
-10% Movement Speed


For a female Clanfellow to become pregnant, the following conditions must be met:

  • She is sleeping in a Straw Double Bed with a Clanfellow who is her Partner.
  • She has not been pregnant within the last 10 days.
  • She is not a Senior.
  • She is not hungry.
  • Both Clanfolk have 75% Mood.

Pregnancy lasts 20 days until the woman gives birth. For the next 20 days the baby will require a lot of attention and the woman will be able to spend less time working than usual. Her Baby Care skill will be used in the care for her child until the Baby becomes a Juvenile.


Animals can only be obtained at the start of the game or bought from Traders. During Winter they require Food, Water, and Shelter, while during the other seasons they can eat Grass and drink Water from Lakes on their own.

If two opposite-gendered animals of the same species spend time near each other, the female may get pregnant. Most animals live 5 days as Baby, 10 days and Juvenile, 48-72 days as Adult and 4-5 days as Senior.

AnimalPriceProduceSlaughter resources
Raw MeatFresh Skin
Hen75Egg5 if Baby
7 if Juvenile
8 if Adult or Senior
Rooster50Fertilized Egg
Cow225Milk (requires bucket)61 if Baby
68 if Juvenile
100 if Adult or Senior
12 if Baby
13 if Juvenile
20 if Adult or Senior
Nanny Goat150Milk (requires bucket)21 if Baby
22 if Juvenile
30 if Adult or Senior
3 if Baby
3 if Juvenile
5 if Adult or Senior
Billy Goat100
Sow120Larger litters36 if Baby
43 if Juvenile
60 if Adult or Senior
4 if Baby
5 if Juvenile
8 if Adult or Senior
Ewe150Raw Wool (requires Shears)21 if Baby
22 if Juvenile
30 if Adult or Senior
3 if Baby
3 if Juvenile
5 if Adult or Senior
Ram100Raw Wool (requires Shears)
Queen225Kills Rats4 if Baby
5 if Juvenile
8 if Adult or Senior
3 if Baby
3 if Juvenile
5 if Adult or Senior
Tomcat150Kills Rats
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