HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to Get Much Money Easy

If you are suffering trying to get money in your run attempts and is being to hard this guide is for you.

Guide to Get Much Money Easy

How to Get Money

So there’s a mechanic in this game called fishing, is a easy way to get a good mount of money in a reasonable time.

To start fishing you just have to:

  • Go to the holohouse to get there you have yo be in the menu and select the option of Holohouse.

You have to select a character.

  • Once you are in the holohouse you have to go at the mini lake at your left.
  • When you are in front the lake you have to press LMB (Left click), and it’s going to start a “rhythm mini game” (It’s not a rhythm mini game is more like a reflex game).
  • When you end up the mini game you will have to receive a fish (not literally a fish, like thing that you can catch), yo have to talk to bloop, he will buy you tings that you catch in the lake for sand.
  • Once you have the sand you can talk with bloop if you want exchange your sand for coins.

And that’s it you have money.

Thing that you have to know:

  1. 1 sand it’s equals to 1 coin.
  2. You can buy better rods to bloop with sand, that will let you catch more exotic fishes and more fast, so yeah it;s worth it.
  3. If you get 50 catch’s in a row you will get a achievement.
  4. Sometimes the members start fishing and they give you free fishes.

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