Grounded – Where to Find Materials (Resources)

The page contains information on the different resources and materials you can find in Grounded. Below you will find details on all the items you need for crafting – including where to find them, how they are used, and what crafting recipes they are used in – or what recipes they unlock.

List of Resources – Where to Find Materials

Pebblet Locations and Crafting Uses

The Pebblet is one of the basic resources in Grounded. It can be used as both a weapon and a crafting resource, and is found in great abundance.

Pebblets can easily be found as small stones littering the dirt and ground areas of the yard. They are located in high abundance in areas around the start of the game in the center of the yard, but are less likely to be found away from the soil in places above the main yard. You may also find larger pebble stones around the yard that can be broken with a hammer tool – and breaking them will give you several pebblets at once.

Pebblets provide a small attack power when used in a pinch – and can be used to conserve weapon durability when killing aphids, gnats, and even mites. They can also be thrown at enemies for a small amount of damage, and can be used to lure or finish off larger enemies from a safe distance. You can also use them to dislodge dew drops from the tops of grass stems, and pick up the pebblets after throwing them.

Plant Fiber Locations and Crafting Uses

Plant Fiber is one of the basic resources in Grounded. It can be used in a variety of different recipes, as it is also primarily used to craft materials to make more advanced items.

As such, Plant Fiber is extremely common, and can be found in many places in the yard as small tiny leafy sprouts coming out of the ground. It is most often found around the center of the yard stretching to the oak tree in the north, to the hedges in the east, the porch in the south, and towards the toxic area in the west.

Plant Fiber respawns fairly quickly, and along with being found on the ground, it can also be gained by striking grass stems with an axe, or gained while cutting down grass.

Sprig Locations and Crafting Uses

Sprig is one of the basic resources in Grounded. It is used in many different recipes – both basic and advanced, and is widely found all around the yard.

Sprigs are often found near Plant Fiber growing out of the ground, and grow to around the height of your character as thin little green stems with curly leaves at the top. It’s most often found among the soil in the central areas of the yard wherever healthy grass is found, all the way up to the oak tree and beyond.

Spider Silk Locations and Crafting Uses

Spider Silk is a rare crafting resource found in Grounded. It is used in very important recipes for utilities and tools, and is harder to come by as it is only produced by spiders.

Spider Silk is a fairly rare commodity, which can either be harvested or looted from certain enemies. In certain areas of the yard – including the area around and north of the oak tree, along the line of wooden posts by the roses, and up in the hedge area, many spiders will set up webs in various location that can be attacked to gain Spider Silk – though this may alert nearby spiders to your presence.

You can also obtain Spider Silk by attacking spiders directly – even the smaller Spiderlings that can be found around the habitats of the larger spiders.

Pollen Locations and Crafting Uses

Pollen is a semi-rare resource found in Grounded. At this stage in Early Access, pollen does not have a use, as bees have not been officially added to the game. However, pollen can still be found as it is gathered and collected by Gnats in certain areas – like the ones that move between the roses and large lantern east of the oak tree.

Weed Stem Locations and Crafting Uses

Weed Stem is a uncommon resource in Grounded. It can be somewhat hard to find as it is not explicitly stated where to find Weed Stems, and they must be carried outside of your inventory. They can be used in crafting advanced building structures and utilities.

Despite their name, you can actually find Weed Stems by cutting down Dandelions with a rank 1 axe, rather than waiting until you can craft a rank 2 axe to cut down actual weeds. Cutting down a Dandelion will usually produce up to 6 weed stems to pick up and haul.

Grass Plank Locations and Crafting Uses

Grass Planks are a common resource in Grounded. They can be found plentifully wherever grass is located – clumped strongly around the center of the yard, reaching all the way to the north and northwest, as well as in the flooded area to the east.

Once you have crafted a level 1 axe, you can obtain Grass Planks by chopping down healthy green blades of grass – which will collapse and yield anywhere from 3-6 Grass Planks to carry and haul around outside of your inventory.

Acorn Top, Acorn Shell, and Acorn Bits Locations and Crafting Uses

Acorns are an uncommon resource in Grounded, and can be broken to acquire Acorn Tops, Acorn Shells, and Acorn Bits to use as food and crafting components for a wide variety of things.

Acorns require a level 1 hammer tool to crack open, after which the contents can be looted. You can find acorns in great abundance primarily in the north region of the yard around the large oak tree, and more will appear each day halfway buried in the earth.

Of all the parts, Acorn Bits can be used as great source of food, as they will sate more of your hunger than mushrooms, but appear in less quantities.

Ant Part, Ant Mandible, and Ant Head Locations and Crafting Uses

Ant Parts are an uncommon resource to gain in Grounded. They can only be obtained by killing Ants that are found in various parts of the yard – and more commonly spotted in and around ant hills to the north below the oak tree, and in mounds to the south and west.

By killing the docile foraging ants you can obtain basic Ant Parts to use the crafting of armor, but to get Ant Mandibles and Ant Heads you will need to take on more dangerous Soldier Ants that guard the Ant Hills and will frequently attack in larger groups.

Acid Gland Locations and Crafting Uses

The Acid Gland is a rare resource found in Grounded. They can only be obtained by killing and looting Soldier Ants. These ants are primarily found defending and patrolling around ant hills, such as the one located in the north below the oak tree, and also in the south and eastern areas.

Flower Petal Locations and Crafting Uses

Flower Petals are an uncommon resource found in Grounded. These items are only found where potted plants can be spotted, and often dot the area where petals have fallen to the ground from the flowers above – though the flowers themselves can be attacked directly to gain more petals. Petals are primarily used for creating lures to attract certain bugs.

Look for these petals among the plants on the far north side of the large pond area past the oak tree, or among the roses to the east of the oak tree.

Clay Locations and Crafting Uses

Clay is an uncommon resource found in certain areas in Grounded. This material can only be mined from larger clay chunks, and you will need to craft a shovel first to be able to mine it effectively. Clay can be used to create better building foundations as well as other displays.

Once you have a shovel, you can usually find plenty of Clay deposits in wet and flooded areas – most of which are found among the sprinklers in the southeast towards the hedge area, and to the far west above the toxic zone by other leaky sprinklers.

Clay is usually found along the banks of these water-logged areas as large reddish stones, but may also sometimes be found among the grass where other watery ponds are located.

Quartzite Locations and Crafting Uses

Quartzite is a somewhat rare material to find in Grounded. It can only be mined out of larger Quartzite mineral chunks using a hammer, and it can be used in different types of recipes that can repair buildings, armor, and weapons.

Quartzite can be tough to locate, as it’s almost always found below the earth in caves. This can include the small cave you need to clear of Mites below one of the lasers at the start of the game, as well as various ant hills in the north and south of the yard. You’ll need at least a level 1 hammer tool to break the quartzite before you can pick up the pieces to use as resources.

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