Grounded Sim – Achievements Guide (+ Endings)

No one else is willing to make a guide, so I have to. We will be going over all achievements in the game.


Note: Credit goes to SL3dgE

WALALALALA – Get Killed by Kayloo, which he is in many levels including the coin level.

Doobie Dubois – Lose in the game show on level 4.

I love that Player… – Die on level 5 by either oven or teeth.

Milk and Cereal – Die on level 3.

Kayloo’d – Go to the concepts section, and click the red button.

Kaizo Wilheilm II – Die on level 2.

Homocidal – Die on the coin level to the spider that releases a blue aura.

TRYHARD! – Win against the game-show (level 4).

He Might Be Back… – Defeat Oven and Teeth (Level 5).

Toast – At the end of the battle on level 5, let oven kill you.

Bartender, I’ve really done it this time… – Die on floor 6.

Is This Where You Want To Be? – Complete level 7.


Gettin’ Freaky – Find a Mic in the coin level, Hard to do, my tip is to look for coins and search the surrounding forests.

SECURE – Go to the bar intro sequence and play up to the hallway. Where there is a door and a keypad. The code is 72106.

Grounded – Go to the arcade and complete the 2d platformer.

Ungrounded – Go to the arcade and in the second level of the platformer, go below the platform elevating and move down. This will push you out of the map.

Understanding The Truth – In the arcade talk to the white sad thing, and input “Boris.”

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