Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – Things Game Doesn’t Tell You

A collection of useful things that game doesn’t explain to you…

Tips and Tricks

Journal Map double tap teleport rep and narrow down quests

When you open up the Journal that shows quests and also game map you can click on town icons to narrow down quests by specific town.

If you own a teleporter stone for a town icon you clicked on you can double click it and it will automatically equip your character with the teleporter spell so you don’t have to look for it in the inventory (it gets overcrowded with items) and don’t have to assign it to hotbars.

You can also see specific town reputation by clicking on the town icon.

Click twice on misc/documents to switch + twice on quest/characters in journal

There are double purpose tabs in game. They are identified by having a slash / between them. Such as Miscellaneous/Documents in inventory, which can normally be accessed during trades or when you use a chest. Just click twice on it and you will be able to switch between them.

The Misc tab has things like gold coins, components, trophies etc. and the documents store books, recipes, maps etc.

In quest Journal there is also a double purpose tab. You can swap between Quests and Characters. Characters tab allows you to see what characters reside in town. That includes people of interest, traders and trainers and if you click on them you can see their dialogue.

Double tap inventory slot to consume 2 items

You can double tap an item in inventory or on hotbar to consume 2 items in a row.

Agro npcs to lead them away for solo fights & ground deathblow

An old Gothic trick that allows you to agro NPCs to draw them out and beat em up or assassinate.

Draw a weapon in front of an NPC, make sure only that NPC sees you do that. They will threaten you twice asking you to sheath the weapon. On the third time they will start fighting you. This works in towns. If they do not hit you and you manage to lead them outside the city walls you can fight them. If they hit you with people watching then people will start helping the NPC. If you hit the NPC then you will have started a fight. So only fight the NPC once you are outside of town or where nobody can see/hear you fight.

Once you beat up the NPC you can loot them. And if you task was to assassinate them you can hold right click button with which you block on your mouse and then click left mouse button while targeting the NPC that is lying on the ground. You will impale and kill them

Another way you can agro some NPCs is by using Terror. NPCs with Strong Will like Leaders and Mages will be agroed and will start fighting and following you. You can take them outside and finish them 1 v 1.

Pickpocket when fails also makes a person agro against you. The only downside is that after you beat them up outside of town 1 v 1 they will be angry at you and won’t talk to you so keep a few Amnesia scrolls ready.

Additionally, you can use Terror to make people run away from town. You will need to chase after them and have a sleep spell ready. Once out of town cast the spell on them and they will fall asleep and stop running. Take their weapon. Then beat them up.

Terror is also handy if you need to commit a crime and there are only few people watching. You can send them away and either ambush the target or steal something.

Win Arena Fights The Easy Way

So you can win arena fights the easy way even playing on hardest settings.

You are going to need sleep scrolls/spell, no gold on your person, knock down ability from thief tree (40 thieving I believe) and a blunt weapon of any damage amount (dmg does not matter).

You want to ask the arena master to start the fight, sometimes you have to pay them so pay them and after that you need to find a chest where nobody can see and put your gold coins inside so they do not get looted after you get beaten up.

Then equip the sleep spell, come to arena where the fighter is waiting for you but do not fight them. Just put them to sleep. Do not save the game or reload after this point because they will wake up. When an NPC is holding a weapon and they fall to sleep, the weapon drops beside them. Go in the arena and take their weapon.

If you have pickpocket skill and you haven’t stole from the NPC yet or you have unspoken dialogue lines you can talk to the NPC to wake it up. Make sure to have your blunt weapon equipped. Once you exit the dialogue NPC will forget about the fight and start walking away from arena. !You can’t leave arena because the fight is not complete and you will lose it if you do, the same rules do not apply to NPC!. Get your blunt weapon out hold right click targeting NPC and then charge left click attack by holding to knock the NPC out before they leave arena. Now quickly loot the npc.

You will be beaten up by anyone who is watching because you just knocked out the NPC. Quickly sheath your weapon so NPCs do not take it away from the ground once they beat you. And the gold you have will be looted but you already stored your gold in a chest and only the gold you took from NPC will be looted, but you get to keep everything else you took off the NPC.

If you don’t have any dialogue to wake the NPC you can either wait until they wake up on their own or save and reload the game.

If you were doing paid arena fights the rewarded money should be enough to continue with the next fight that way you don’t have to recover your gold from chest and can just continue fighting

Or you can use Time Bubble Scroll

Telekinesis and Archery Highlight

An old Gothic trick from the previous games.

Put Telekinesis spell in the hotbar and use it to look for items. It helps you locate items hidden in houses, plants in the wilderness and items hidden all over the world. It basically targets them. You do not need to actually use the spell. Just use it to highlight items and then sheath the spell and pick them up.

Ranged spells and Weapons work the same way but for NPCs. You can instantly see NPCs hiding in the foliage or darkness, from afar too.

Pick Items Up Fast (Skipping Animation)

In older Gothic games you had to edit ini for this to work.

In this game all you need to do is to crouch and you can spam left click to pick up items, plants fast. Because there is a lot of looting in the game you don’t have time to watch the slow animation every time

Knock Down for Easy Robberies and Kills

You can use Knock Down Thieving skill to knock out a strong enemy in a single hit and then finish them off on the ground by Holding Right Click while targeting them and then Charging and Releasing Left Click.

You can sneak up on humanoid enemies in the wilderness and knock em out too.

You do not have to kill town folk this way but you can rob them.

Knock Down works through Thrones/Seats

Everything Town Reputation Related from original G3 is Disabled in Forsaken Gods

It does not matter how many people you assassinate around town, how many things you steal you will never be blamed for anything.

Making Excuses skill is useless because nobody ever confronts you anymore.

There is also no more Red, Orange, Green reputations and everything that derived out of that.

The Best 1-H Sword Combo

First, I advice you to use the swords with longest reach. The longer your sword the easier it is to do combos and land hits while avoiding damage. Reach is not shown in numbers unlike in latest G3 patches so you will have to either rely on G3 information or just experiment

To perform the combo Hold Right Click and Charge Left Click to Pierce (poisoned blades will apply poison here), then without Holding Right Click charge Left Click to do a power attack and knock your enemy down, quickly press Left Click to connect a light attack to enemy mid air as they fall.

Overpowered Spell Combo Fog + AoE Spell

You don’t even need to be a mage. You just need lots of mana potions, lots of fog scrolls, AoE scrolls or spells of your choosing.

Cast Fog before taking out a town or a huge enemy camp. Cast AoE spell. Drink Mana Potion. Cast Fog again. If you have enough Mana you might be able to do 2 or even 3 spells before recasting fog.

Make sure to cast fog to the finish or it won’t work. Don’t move or you will break it. Fog creates an invisible circular barrier around the area it was cast in. It is rather small but NPCs wont be able to pierce it with arrows or magic. They won’t pass it to attack you with a sword either.

However, if you cast it too close to NPCs some might be stuck inside the fog with you and then will be able to attack you.

You can try to adjust your position inside the fog if some npcs are hitting you with melee through it or you can just run and recast it further away.

You do not need to have a lot of investment into magic to do this. You just need to have enough Mana to cast Fog and the AoE spell at least once before drinking mana potion. I took out entire cities using this.

Fog > AoE Spell > Mana Potion > Repeat

Taming is pretty OP and how to heal pets

Taming is really strong in Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods especially if you tame the right animals. In fact I would say taming is almost mandatory because of how abusive the wolf type enemies are against the player.

It does not require a lot of ancient knowledge and does not cost much LPs even with Alternative Balance.

Besides, I did not feel like going around with companions who get stuck in places and having to wait for them all the time or them backing out of range for no reason.

Best animals to tame are wolves, wargs and bisons. Some animals and monsters are too strong willed to tame like Shadow Beasts. But generally any tamed monster is good to have even if it is not as OP as wolf.

They are OP because they constantly stunlock enemies. Really useful if you are fighting annoying things like Skeleton Mages. So having a wolf by your side is good.

If you want to heal your pet there are 3 ways you go about this

If your pet runs out of sight distance and comes back to you or you find it, it will have full health. If you save and reload the game all mobs in the game will have full health.

Or you can invest in Innos spell Hear Other. Which will allow you to heal your pet in combat while it is tanking and therefore you won’t have to worry about the enemy regaining health if you reload and the pet will survive.

Making use of Temporary Companions

The game has a lot of caravan quests where you have to either follow a lot of NPCs or lead them somewhere.

You are frequently given solo companions and often enough you are given an entire squad of warriors or even mages that follow you around.

If you do not mind tackling with stupid companion A.I. you can use this to your advantage in combat.

While they are in your group they will defend you and give you all the exp from the kills.

I had most fun when I was given 2 Orcs Warriors and 1 Orc Shaman in Trelis. Because Orc Shaman can freeze and use magic it was quite nice.

They heal the same way as pets (above in taming section) but you can also give them potions to drink.

Sometimes they get stuck and you can push them with your character. Sometimes their route breaks and they start walking back and you will have to chase them. But it is best to save game frequently because sometimes their A.I. breaks heavily and they either get lost, run off, or stuck. And then you won’t get to complete the quest. And sometimes it is the main quest that can be in danger of that.

Anyway, eventually I got tired of playing around with their bad path finding so I just resorted to taming because it is easy to abandon animals and find new ones. And if you lead companions far from their destination you will still have to walk them back on foot, they can’t teleport with you.

Knocking Out and Killing Immortal NPCs with Poison

You can kill Immortal NPCs by poisoning them either with Poison spell or any poisoned weapon.

Poison damage over time on weapons is always the same and does not scale with weapon damage. So you can use the worst poisoned weapon to the same effect.

You can for example poison Lee in the Throne room and have him slowly die. You will have to re-apply posion over and over. If you use a melee weapon you need to pierce them with Holding Right Mouse Button and Charging Left Click attack.

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