Empyrion – Galactic Survival – Repair Pad Guide

A simple guide on how to use the repaid pad.

Guide to Use Repair Pad

Simple Tips for the Repair Pad

  • “Repair Blocks” function only repairs blocks that are damaged. It will not replace any missing ones.
  • “Repair to Template” function will only replace missing blocks. It will not repair damaged blocks

Potential Issues and Fixes

  • Repair block cannot be obstructed. Make sure there is not a block placed on top of it covering it for example glass.
  • Repair area must be clear for the entire blueprint. Make sure no ground is above the repair block or structures.
  • Ships have a bounding box around them that expends about 5-10 blocks beyond the wingtips, nose and tail of the BP.
  • Make sure the ship center is above the repair pad and you have no docked ships.
  • Make sure the ship has a repair template. Every time you make a change make sure to hit “save repair template”. If the ship was spawned from the BP factory it will be restored to that state unless you saved an updated repair template.

Other Options for Repairing Ships

  • Make a repair station in space to ensure no blocking objects.
  • Station services (When damage is minor or you have enough credits to spare this is the proffered method to repairing ships).
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