Empyrion – Galactic Survival – Cold Protection

How to Survive on Cold Planets Such as Ningues?

Here’s what you do starting out.

  1. Build an HV starter, cockpit, small generator, small fuel tank, and four hover repulsers. (the green ones, not the blue ones). Make sure you build the little ones for HVs, not the big ones CVs and BAs.
  2. Place the HV starter on the ground and remove the front three steel hull blocks (the side with the arrow decal). Your survival tools’s salvage mode is good enough for this.
  3. Stick the cockpit on the front of the starter, so the core is at the lowest part of the cockpit’s backside.
  4. Place the small generator and small fuel tank in a stack on top of the core.
  5. Stick the hover repulsers on the four outside corners of the cockpit, so the whole craft is five blocks wide.
  6. Add biofuel to the tank. It only takes a couple jugs to operate for hours in a craft this small. Trees are the easiest resource to make biofuel from.
  7. Hop in the cockpit, turn on the power, and drive away. Use your new HV as a portable warming hut.
  8. Add new blocks as you unlock them, such as better propulsion, a fridge, a detector, spotlights, storage, and an HV constructor.

Do keep in mind that you need at least a large constructor to process gold ore into an ingot. If you don’t already have a base equipped with one, gold ore won’t be helpful to you.

Conversely, you can make a simple HV with level one blocks from a portable constructor using rocks and fiber plants around the crash site.

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