Land of the Vikings – Gameplay Tips

Start – Early

Note: Credit goes to Crow

First Tip: When you’re setting up don’t build towards the beach head right away. You will fill up in time.

Follow the goals.

Build the 3ed poor house (cost more stone but save of firewood in winter (coal for later).

When you build your homes don’t over crowed I stick with a 4×4 pattern of them with roads letting out to different markets.

Make sure you build – Wheat Farms right away (watch yourself 1 small farm works very well at first $$$).

Build up your Hunter/Gathers FAR away from town (250m).

Don’t forget to leave a few (5-8) trees in a zone for faster regrowth. (Do Not Clear Cut).

After you set up a Farm (far) -> to Wheat storage -> to Mill (medium distance) -> to Market. (middle) then your Homes.

(This will help you avoid over crowding later)

Build a Fishing dock.

Mid Game

Make sure you cut wood far back in spring and summer and then closer wood in winter. Your carpenter should be set to 125. by now (2 workers). Spam Build Fishing Boats. Build another small town by shore (4 homes) lead to middle market. Fishing is slow but good for sustain.

Focus on sustaining your pop.

By now you should have a good bit of points saved up for your tree.

Avoid Trade Until After you have large cow and goat farms established to warehouses that craft into tailors and black smiths.

Coal is used a lot in winter Care.

Start building your Army.

I used 2 blacksmiths 2 coal 3 iron mines.

  • 1 20 cow
  • 2 50 cow
  • 2 50 Goat
  • 2 tailors.

This was perfect fo start crafting FABRIC to sell.

By now you should have Tavern.

Start making beer. Set farms away from your Mill ( to avoid over crowding). Make brewery with 1 large farm. 1 storage. You don’t need to go hard at this until late game. Leave Room For Growth.

Spread Out.

Build out in the “wild” hunters and gathers. with little pop up towns to support them (2 homes).

Don’t over do the roads quite yet.

Keep simple.

Population in 4 homes by 4. spread out into different industry.

Use markets to connect them. Place Wells Down Wisely.

Finishing Up Mid Game

So by now you should have a large pop. and plenty of fishing docs and war ships going on. Train up as many as you’d like to afford. Very expendable later on.

Now go into trade; Sell your excess Fabric and Fine cloths. Do not sell winter cloths. Make sure you take enough food don’t risk 80% or lower.

Trade is good but very underwhelming right now.

Build army up for raiding.

Make sure you have industry for army.

Food > markets Crafting goods> storage > processing > Training grounds or trade docks

Make sure you SPEND your gold on roads now. flush out the country side.

Build storage out there. + Buy a lot of nice things and make your towns looks very nice.

Late Game

Build up your defenses. Place Gate and Wooden Walls

Use your old growth in back and your new roads to support a large wooden wall cutting off your shoreline to your town.

(I like to think they’ll climb up the cliffs some day so build watchtowers on high points too)

Have 2 main gates. Have 2 walls deep if you can afford. Place watch towers 75-100m apart to cover. Archers with best luck.

Pay attention to your raid loot. Do Not Anger Gods.

Dont forget sailors love beer. Still in Alpha so not much to talk about atm, Still wanting to play around with different “builds”.

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