Go Fight Fantastic – Useful Tips for Dealing with Enemies

How to Deal with Enemies

Basically, there are 4 different enemy types!

All enemies also have cooldowns, so they have to wait a bit between attacks. Most of them try to reposition or avoid you while in cooldown – and if low on health try to find an aider to get help.

Useful Tips:

  • If you hit them in the back, you do more damage.
  • Don’t forget to sidestep using sprint (L1 & R1)
  • Some of the players attacks has an Hold to aim or charge (healer’s basic attack, healer’s protect, striker’s blade throw)
  • Read the enemy animations to know when they are going to strike!


(Fast raptor like hunter/killers who will always try to get you)


(Spiders are ranged casters with two firing modes, aimed and AoE)

They will always try to keep you in sight but will also want to keep a bit of distance. Before attacking, they enter a form of siege mode where they’re stuck for a few seconds. Also they’ll try to evade you if you get too close so pressing close usually means they’re hesitant to attack.


Aiders (the purple casters) heal the other enemies and also shoots a giant ball at you which stuns for 2 sec and deals a ton of damage. Easy to avoid, but can be devastating, specially if you’re surrounded by other enemies.


And finally, the Heavy is a giant tank/ogre type creature. Slow and sturdy but with a smash attack that deals a shitload of damage. This attack is always indicated with a ring, so if you see it, make sure to bait before you attack. This can be deflected with the tank shield – and interrupted with the striker lightning-attack.

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