Outpost: Infinite Siege – Official FAQ

Hi dear commanders! To let you guys know more about the game before purchase, we listed up some Q&As that you may be interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of game is this?

Outpost is an FTD (FPS+TD) game set across multiple semi-open maps.

  1. Is there multiplayer in the game?

The game offers a multiplayer experience (4 players) within levels. You can expedite exploration and boost firepower with your teammates’ help.

Please note that the multiplayer feature is only available within the levels; your party disbands after a level concludes. The stability of multiplayer gameplay is determined by the host’s network connection and PC specs.

  1. Building Outposts

You can build Outposts at your base outside of combat, but you are not able to do so within combat. However, there are temporary facilities that you can deploy during combat.

  1. Death Penalty

The game has severe death penalties. If you die in the middle of a level, without a savepoint that allows direct saving and loading, you will respawn in the base; if recovery fails, the operatives, except for the leader, will go missing and a great amount of resources and gear will be lost. Therefore, your investment may outweigh your gains in the early game; but you will have multiple ways to minimize losses later on in the game. The higher the reward, the greater the risk. Please consider this carefully before purchase.

  1. Resource distribution

Resources are randomly distributed in the levels. The amount of resources you obtain may differ based on the map level. For example, it may take 3 hours for some players to obtain 5 MG Turrets while 6 hours for others.

  1. Offline mode

The game also features an offline single-player mode.

  1. About Cheating

We won’t detect any cheating methods as the game does not use a dedicated server. But a no-cheating gameplay is highly recommended to make the game more immersive.

If you want further knowledge about the game, please check the showcase video below.

It covers the two main game modes of Outpost: Infinity Siege. Tour mode and Endless mode.

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