Garry’s Mod – How to Play Red Phial Zombies

This Red Phial Zombies survival guide describes how to prolong your life in this game mode. It includes information about buying equipment, doors, and upgrades to survive as long as possible. Additionally, this guide describes the Easter eggs in this game mode.


The HUD shows your heath, ammo, money, running speed, and damage multiplier. These elements are labeled in the image.

The running speed is the speed you move at while sprinting (it is not your walking speed). The damage multiplier is the number your base damage is multiplied when being applied to a zombie. Both sprint speed and damage multiplier can be upgraded by purchasing items found around the map. Be careful though, if you die, your damage multiplier and sprint speed are reset! As the game progresses, you will NEED to upgrade these in order to survive, so plan carefully.

The message box in the center of the screen displays the name of the item you are aiming at (if available). It will also show the price of the item if it is purchasable. If you do not have enough money or do not meet another requirement (such as maxing out ammo, speed, or damage), it will simply say you do not meet the requirements to buy this.


Doors, weapons, ammo, health, armor, damage upgrades, and speed upgrades must be bought with Lambda (the money of this game mode). To buy something, you must aim at it. The message box will display what it is and the price. Using the item (pressing the use key) will buy the item assuming you have enough money. Since all players share the same money, a notification will appear for all players telling them what you bought and how much is costed. You will need to buy items to survive, spend wisely.

Note: Doors in rpz_jerinktopian_stardestroyer can be bought open only if you aim at the bottom portion of the door (the top part is a func_movelinear).

A image of a speed upgrade is shown below…

A image of a damage upgrade is shown below…


Dying can happen in a variety of ways in Red Phial Zombies. A zombie can kill you, you can accidentally kill yourself with explosive weapons, or you can fall off a ledge. In any case, dying will cost your team 25 lambda. If your team has less than 25 lambda and one of you dies, the game ends!! Also consider that health care is expensive!! One health point costs one lambda. A health kit costs as much as dying. That said, you will lose all your weapons, ammo, and upgrades when you die.


Power-ups have a small chance of spawning every time a zombie is killed. There are two power-ups available in Red Phial Zombies. They are damage boost and double lambda. A damage boost will allow you to kill a zombie in one hit! Double lambda will give you two lambda per kill instead of one. These power-ups can be a life saver, take advantage of them while you can. An unclaimed power-up will disappear shortly after it is spawned so don’t wait to claim it!

An image of a damage boost power up is shown below. Just walk though it to claim.

An icon on the hud will indicate the power-up is active. It applies to all players for a limited time.


Radios can be found randomly through out the map. Their location will change every time the game reloads. These will play a part of the communist manifesto if interacted with (this does not reflect the views of Red Phial). If you have the gravity gun, you can pick them up and carry them with you. These are not required for your survival and can safely be ignored.

Moving Items with the Gravity Gun

While the gravity gun is not lethal without some physics items to throw around, it can be used to move weapons, and equipment around the map. The moved items will even spawn in their new locations after being bought. Use this to your advantage when trying to survive.

The Easter Egg

Like any good zombies game mode, Red Phial Zombies has an Easter Egg. This Easter egg was inspired by the map “Attack of the Radioactive Thing” in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hence the similarities. There is no boss; the reward is that Elvira will help you kill zombies and earn lambda for the rest of the game. The basic steps are outlined below:

  1. Find the phial that spawns randomly on the map.
  2. Use the crowbar to fill the phial with zombie guts.
  3. Find the centrifuge that spawns randomly on the map.
  4. Solve the math problem (these will be challenging)
  5. Find the spherical TV/Chrystal ball
  6. Interact with the spherical TV/Chrystal ball to summon Elvira for help!
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